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GoukiJones reveals 10 things he's looking forward to in the 2012 video game industry. From the Tester season 3 to E3 2012. The prediction of Halo's downfall. A sequel to Street Fighter X Tekken. The new consoles finally shown. Yeah right. Welcome to 2012.

Battlefield 3 Expansion release

Lets start with something simple. I don't even know what the status is of this DLC right now. But I'm pretty sure DICE & EA are looking forward to milking the BF3 community of coin. Back to Karkand is a great DLC: 4 new maps, new vehicles, new gametypes & assignments to unlock new weapons. So with whatever DICE does with this next expansion, I'm sure I'll be all over it and it will most certainly breath some life back into BF3. Not that it needs it right now.

PAX 2012

Last year were complete nuabs at the Seattle convention. We did get some great coverage though. PAX 2011. This year, we're looking forward to more interviews and more drunken absurdness. August 26-28 we'll see you in Seattle. Fantasy Wrestling 2.0

DropTheBelt is a sister site where we have created the first ever WWE Fantasy Wrestling Game and Leagues.(Not really a "Video" game, but this is something we're developing in house.) Early in 2012 we plan on releasing our 2.0 version of the game and the site. Something I'm looking forward to very much.

The Tester Season 3

Don't laugh. You can sit and watch the entire season in under 2 hours. That's what I do, wait for all the episodes to be released on PSN, DL them, and then have a tester blowout with whiskey and pizza. Here's a preview.

Don't tell me that the show is stupid or lame. First of all I'm watching the gamer chicks more than I'm paying attention to anything else on the show. Plus I've watched a lot Big Brother and Survivor type shows back in the day. And this "Gamer" Version of those shows, isn't that bad Jimmy. It's produced for the PSN exclusively you know.

Borderlands 2 release

The only game on this list that is going to have its own section. has played a combined total of over 1000 hours of Borerlands, so yeah, we're excited. New characters, new guns and most importantly new DLC. Is that weird? Borderlands has some of the best DLC in the history of DLC. The overall aspect of Borderlands, which combines everything you love about FPS games with RPG loot elements that keep you hunting for that next cool weapon or mod. Very very hype.

March 2012

March is ridiculous with game releases. There 8 games on my list specifically that will be taking a good look at for sure. IF they come out.

  1. XCOM - The number 1 game I want to get my hands on right now. I first saw this version of XCOM at E3 last year and the demo shocked me. The dev giving the demo described the RPG elements of the game will be similar to Final Fantasy Tactics. Sold! FFT is my favorite RPG of ALL time.
  2. Dragon's Dogma - This game looks completely different from everything else coming out in March. I love D&D type games. Skyrim didn't do it for me. I hope that Capcom really has something good here. The on screen command list for this game is ridiculous.
  3. Mass Effect 3 - What do I need to type here? I love both Mass Effect games and I'm sure I'll love this one. As long as the combat is spot on, I could care less about the story. Just give me some hot blue alien lesbian sex.
  4. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - I don't know what to think about this game. I played it at PAX last year, but only breifly. The concept and design sound very interesting, plus co-op & multiplayer features look very exciting. I've always been a fan Resident Evil, but I haven't played through all of them.
  5. Max Payne 3 - I can't believe how quickly this game seems to be coming out. And on the very busy week of March 6. I'll be checking out the new Rockstar game for sure, it can't be worse that L.A. Noire right?
  6. Street Fighter X Tekken - This is on the list mostly because we're kinda like a fighting game site. I want to play this and give it a decent try. I play a lot of Ultimate and want to start with AE2012 again, I don't know if I'll be up for a third fighter. Seriously though, Tekken? Street Fighter X Killer Instinct or even Street Fighter X Time Killers, now that would be bad ass.
  7. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Is this coming out? Really? The combat sequence shown during the Ubisoft press conference last year at E3 was pretty intense. Then I played Battlefield 3. So I don't know if I'll be playing this too much, but I'll try it.
  8. Ninja Gaiden 3 - lol. This a Jimmy ass game. Look for the GVR coming soon.

Holiday Season 2012

This holiday season video games are going to be bigger than ever. Especially with new Nintendo Wii-U finally entering the HD market and welcoming back a lot of third party major release titles. Whether or not this system will be a success in the house of Gouki, will depend on a picture perfect online Mario Kart. Otherwise we won't even be purchasing a Wii-U.

Halo 4 is super exciting. Not because it's a new Halo, but because it's not made buy Bungie. I'm not looking forward to playing it personally. Unless it blows Battlefield 3 out of the water and I think that's gonna be real hard to do. However the online multiplayer party system will work on Halo 4. This game is probably going to see the most sales in the history of video games and it's going to be the worst Halo to date. Here's to Halo NOT becoming the next COD/MW yearly rehash.

Borderlands 2 I mentioned early, but there's another game from Gearbox Software that looks pretty sweet. Furios Four Brothers in Arms. We saw a live demo of this game last year at E3 with a dev and it was pretty sweet. It also could have been some secret Borderlands 2 tech demo, because I haven't seen or heard shit about this game since then.

If there are new consoles coming out this year, that will be exciting. I think Sony and Microsoft might just be waiting to see what is up with the new Nintendo and the market overall. I expect more Kinect bullshit from Microsoft and more of Sony just being Sony in 2012.

Other notable games that could come out this holiday season. Darksiders II, I loved the original. Bioshock Infinite, DUH. Overstrike looks like it could be some action style Borderlands. Prey 2 looks very interesting. Skullgirls -a US made 2D fighter- for the community, by the community. Final Fantasy Versus XIII, this game had an amazing trailer last year that teased a different gameplay and combat system from Xl0l-2.

EVO 2012

Last year EVO was big, this year it most certainly will out do itself again. For us we got some of our best interviews with Ono and the Jimmy that made UMvC3. Who could forget FnJimmy VS Seth Killings. Oh wait there's a fighting game tournament too. Featuring 6 of the biggest titles in the industry right now such as Street Fighter X Tekken, UMvC3, SSF4AE2012, KOF13, SCV and Mortal Kombat 9. Ok so maybe not Mortal Kombat so much, I think somebody was paid off for this one.
The road to EVO has begun.

E3 2012

The most exciting time of the year for anyone into video games. Will there be new Sony or Microsoft consoles announced? What will be their names? (That's a big deal for the internet Jimmys.) We'll get our first look at Halo 4. Hopefully we can get hands on with Borderlands 2. We're going to see a new Grand Theft Auto. Will Capcom announce another fighter? Or will it be time for Super Street Fighter X Tekken Excellence? What exclusives will Sony have? The new Sly Cooper? Uhhhhh no. It's going to take a lot more than that. All of these questions should be answered in June along with a bunch of surprises I can't even began to imagine.

Well that's the most of it. What are you most excited about in 2012? It's the best time ever to be a gamer. Thanks for reading and don't be a Jimmy!

Borderlands 2

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