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"Gotham Knights" Unfortunately Is Trash

By: goukijones Nov 11 (24 days ago) | 1 Comments

Most disappointing game I have played in years.

It’s been over a year or maybe longer since we’ve been covering news and building self hype for Gotham Knights. At the time, it appeared to be a 4 player Batman Arkham Asylum type game. First major disappointment was revealed earlier this year that the game is only 2 players co-op. This was kinda mumbled under the developer’s breath. I think that the appearance of it being a 4 player game was done on purpose. First of all, the game features 4 characters. In this day and age, why would we not think it could be 4 players. Eventually the devs stated that they couldn’t do a 4 player co-op because it would be too complicated. Fine. I’ll try it out with just 1 friend. I figured I could at least have the experience of an Arkham Asylum with 1 buddy right. Well that turned out to be one of the worst experiences I’ve had in gaming in years. 

This game controls like you’re trying to roll a big giant square around a room and none of the buttons or your actions seem to match up with what you would think should be happening on screen. I’m talking about getting so frustrated that I would just close the app because I was so frustrated that I couldn’t even get over a few street thugs. I’d run up to a police car, expecting to vault over and Red Hood would just dead stop with 0 animation. The cops begin to engage me, I can’t move. I have to walk the character backwards and turn him to get around the car. I don’t get it, I run up to the car and no button presses do anything. I’m raging at this moment. I’m already at the end of my attempts at playing this game and I feel like the controls are just not working for me. The dead stop kills me. I can’t push around the vehicle, the vaulting is automatic, the jump button doesn’t work, I can’t roll backwards. Jesus, my frustration grows just writing about it now.

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The Guild Leader Just Left 🧙‍♂️

By: goukijones May 26, 2021 | 1 Comments

#1 in PvP Duels.

I’m in a pretty competitive guild in this online game I play. You can only have 20 people in one guild and if you don’t sign on within 5 days, you get booted. It’s serious. One day I noticed that the guild leader, the master, the guy who invited me to the guild, he left. Just left. The next day there was a new member of the guild with an almost similar name. It was the same guild leader but on a B team account. A brand new account with no good heroes to help the guild. I was like WTF. I’m not bothered by it in the long run. I’m playing the best I can as a hardcore casual myself. Sign in every day, but only have like 30 minutes to do anything.

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There is no video of me. There is only video of the new Halo. Behold.

This is not what I was expecting at all. Just a few minutes of actual gameplay and what they showed was not good at all. I don’t want to bitch, I definitely don’t want to bitch, but there was nothing, nothing in that trailer that had me in awe. No cool explosions like the Ratchet and Clank, no innovative new matchmaking or battle royal/big team battle gameplay mode. Just 117 shooting some grunts, elites, and brutes. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Not gonna lie. I love this game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is an updated and modernized version of Final Fantasy VII which was originally released January 31, 1997. 23 years later the story of Final Fantasy VII is still a great story to watch and even more fun to play. The characters are all very well defined and you can easily get the feels if you can’t control your emotions. Barrett - The big brutish leader of an Avalanche strike team(kinda like terrorists.) He is constantly goading Cloud with lines during fighting and after fighting. It’s not just Barrett though, Aerith also gives Cloud a hard time. In one sequence, while just running from one area to the next, Cloud explains to Aerith that she needs to stay back during fights because it is dangerous. It just so happened that Aerith died in the next fight after she got all of the agro and told Cloud after the fight “I guess they were just going after the stronger fighter.” Jeez. There are characters giving shit to Cloud and it is great, the characters are very much alive this way.

The graphics in this game are on a next level. FFVIIR goes from cutscenes right into combat seamlessly. This is a game that makes me feel like I’m playing the cutscenes of the original 1997 version. One level has you hanging from the rafters underneath a plate in Midgar. You are overlooking one of the sectors below. The slums. If I swing my camera around too fast to look over the edge, my wife will turn away. She can’t look, says she gets the feeling of extreme height. You can have your breath taken away by that view and a lot more of the scenery if you take your time and look at all of the detail. Everything is rendered perfectly to fit together.

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Grimshade Review

By: goukijones Apr 29, 2019 | 1 Comments

What I had the most trouble with was reading the map. I couldn’t make it out of the first zone or past the quest “Stashes of Brann.”

Grimshade is a tactical turn-based game.  During battle the teams are separated by a line down the middle of the battle field.  You have a small grid to move your characters around on.  It’s not free roaming like Final Fantasy Tactics, you can’t walk to the side of an enemy or get behind them.  Some of the characters have moves that get behind the enemies, but every fight takes place with this virtual line in the sand. 

I started the game on the hardest difficulty setting.  The combat early felt more like I was just memorizing the sequence of attacks from the enemy to be ready to counter.  I didn’t mind this and felt the combat getting more challenging with each fight, especially when I started adding more party members.

What I had the most trouble with was reading the map.  I couldn’t make it out of the first zone or past the quest “Stashes of Brann.”  I have played many games in my lifetime and spent two 90 minute sessions running around this map looking for this one missing item. I had collected two of the three items and the map showed me the general area they were located, but not exactly where.  You can walk right into different areas of the map without any indication that it is happening. So I had the idea of just going around the outside and inside walls to search for the missing item.  When I found the second item it was hidden underneath a floor tile.  At this point I knew for sure which area one of the three items came from. The second item in my inventory I did not know what area I had picked it up in so that meant I had to search both areas again.   This is when the back and forth started for like two hours.  I knew it was one of two areas and I felt like I had completely combed both areas and clicked on everything possible.  This is when I began to think that I may have glitched the game. 

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