101 Reasons to Buy "Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League"

By goukijones — March 1, 2023
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Reason 101: Cosmetic only Battle Pass

Sony and Rocksteady just showed of about 20 minutes of full on gameplay for Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League. There was a ton of stuff just glimpsed in this trailer, I’m going to talk about what stands out the most.

  1. It looks dope
  2. Heavy emphasis on chaotic combat
  3. Made by Rocksteady
  4. Takes place 5 years after Arkham Knight
  5. DC is better than Marvel
  6. This game kinda has it all
  7. Available on PlayStation 5
  8. Available on Xbox Series X/S
  9. Available on PC
  10. Not made for last gen consoles
  11. You can pre-order from Amazon
  12. You can pre-order from GameStop
  13. You can pre-order from BestBuy
  14. You can pre-order from Walmart
  15. Harley has a bat
  16. Harley has a hammer
  17. King Shark is a shark
  18. King Shark has butcher knives
  19. Captain Boomerang has a shotgun
  20. Captain Boomerang has boomerangs
  21. New playable characters coming with dlc
  22. Lots of new content for players after launch
  23. King Shark will probably bite people
  24. Rocksteady has made multiple good games
  25. Guns will come in all kinds of rarity
  26. You get to fight Batman
  27. You get to fight Flash
  28. You get to fight Superman
  29. You get to fight Green Lantern
  30. You get to fight Brainiac
  31. There will be a ton of cameos
  32. Kevin Conroy is voicing Batman
  33. The levels are vertical
  34. Deadshot can hover
  35. Deadshot has a serious aim assist
  36. Lex Luther is in the game
  37. Flash is hilarious
  38. The game captures DC characters very well 
  39. Wonder Woman is in the game
  40. Wonder Woman looks awesome
  41. There are a lot of F-bombs
  42. Wonder Woman is good at the beginning of the game
  43. Harley has a grapple so she can swing around like a certain webbed comic book hero
  44. Amanda Waller is the game
  45. King Shark is hilarious 
  46. Assassinations
  47. Kill Moves
  48. Ultimates
  49. Brainiac has tanks
  50. Sniper Rifles
  51. Captain Boomerang uses a Speed Force glove
  52. The Justice League might actually have to die
  53. Martian Manhunter might be a boss
  54. The game takes place in the ArkhamVerse
  55. Penguin is in the game
  56. There is a new character Hack
  57. Toyman is in the game
  58. Gizmo is in the game
  59. The game takes place in Metropolis
  60. There are going to be vehicles in the game
  61. This is traversal based action gameplay
  62. The game will have 6 different types of weapons
  63. Assault Rifles 
  64. SMGs
  65. Sniper Rifles
  66. Shotguns
  67. Miniguns
  68. Pistols
  69. Weapons will have Manufacturers (Like Borderlands)
  70. Lexcorp Weapons
  71. GCPD Weapons
  72. Amertek Weapons
  73. Villain themed Gear Sets
  74. Bane gear set
  75. The progression is gear level based
  76. Every firearm in the game is upgradable
  77. There is a ton of character customization for combat
  78. You can wear whatever you want and still have a good gear score
  79. Each mission will scale depending on how many people are playing
  80. Bots will fill in for those of you with no friends
  81. You can finish off enemies with a kill move
  82. It’s coming out on 5-26-23
  83. It sounds more like Borderlands to me than anything else
  84. Fast-paced action
  85. Third-person Shooter
  86. Roleplaying game
  87. Great story
  88. Co-op
  89. You can be a badass
  90. King Shark is the fastest Melee character
  91. There are giant tentacles
  92. Metropolis gets wrecked
  93. Insane movement
  94. The minimap shows a ton of enemies coming for you
  95. Deadshot has a jet pack
  96. “Go shark go”
  97. There’s tons of dialogue
  98. Lex Luthor has work to do
  99. We’ll find out if the Joker is dead in this world
  100. It’s not the Will Smith Deadshot

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Official Behind the Scenes - “Out of Arkham Asylum”

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Official Co-Op Gameplay - “No Matter the Cost”


Suicide Squad: KTJL

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