Community Arthvader Fights: Darkstalkers Resurrection: Matches from Darkstalkers 3 3-25-3013

By Arthvader — March 25, 2013
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Time to show off a variety of characters in this session of Arthvader Fights, featuring Darkstalkers 3.

Welcome once again to another installment of Arthvader FIghts. Once again, We will delve down into a series of Ranked Matches within Darkstalkers 3. This time around, Instead of using one character, I've decided to use different characters, including a secret character. I do hope you enjoy watching these matches as I do in fighting in them.

These Fights took place and uploaded on 3-25-2013:

Zeromus EG (Anakaris) Vs. Arthvader043088 (B.B.Hood)

Arthvader043088 (Hisen-Ko) (default color) Vs. Zeromus EG (Hsien-Ko) (Blue)

Arthvader043088 (J. Talbain) Vs. Futanari (Dimitri)

Arthvader043088 (D. Talbain) Vs. Mr Macabre1119 (Victor)

SpeedRazer (Lilith) Vs. Arthvader043088 (Hsien-Ko)

What do you think about these fights? Leave your comments down in the bottom. Don't forget to vote and share, and Don't Be a Jimmy!

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