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By Arthvader — January 20, 2013
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Goukijones, Batrasterd, and I take on Pete the Invincible using a glitch to our advantage.

On Wednesday, January 16, Goukijones, Batrasterd, and I went and took on the raid boss of Mr. Tourge's Campaign of Carnage, Pete the Invincible. During the course of this particular fight, though, we ended up getting Pete into a spot where he essentially got stuck, allowing us to defeat him without much issue.

Here's The video, from the viewpoint of BatRasterd on the left (HD Capture), and Goukijones on the right (live Stream):

To make this fight go by faster, make sure you have at least a weapon with the slag element (you want to slag Pete so that you can deal more damage to him with your other guns), a Shock element weapon (mainly to take down his shields. I would prefer the Thunderball Fists, which both Batrasterd and I were using during the fight), and any weapon that could cause massive damage. in terms of defenses, I would Highly recommend using a shield that has either Inflammable or Alkaline in its name, as both types will give you immunity from the AOE fire or corrosive attacks, respectively.


To begin, if you're working on taking Pete down with a team, you would want to have all but one person get into the position. The position, which is vital, is a ledge that you can get to from between two pillars you will see to your right as you drop down to the arena. You can get to the ledge above by either jumping to the corner, then elevator jump up to it, or us an unmodified grenade to grenade jump yourself up to the ledge. after everyone gets in to position, the one person who didn't jump up on the ledge activates the battle, and gets up on to the ledge as well. for a while, Pete will do nothing but walk around at first, this allowing you to easily shoot at him. if you were to use an action skill like  the Commando's turrets on the ground (like what goukijones did at 0:27), or the Mechromancers't Deathtrap (which will automatically attack Pete), Pete would automatically go after the turret or Deathtrap, keeping him further away from you and your team. At times during the battle, Pete will let out an Area of Effect wave attack of either Fire or Corrosive (he Alternates between the two). If you were to get caught by any of the waves (Goukijones was clearly hit by a corrosive wave at 0:49, while BatRasterd and I were hiding behind a pillar, avoiding the wave), you will take permanent DoT (Damage over Time), until you can wash it off. Within the Arena, there are two areas where you can wash the effect off of you, though by using them, you will call out either Spiderants, or Rats. the first time you use it, they will spawan al around level 42, but as you keep using the same one over, the level of the next wave of spiderants or rats will increase by 3. in order to not have as much of a hard time, you would want to get rid of them ASAP so you can focus on Pete more. of the two types of enemies, The spiderants are much more easier to deal with than the rats, since they can shoot at you.


Sometimes, during the fight, Pete will try to jump towards you, though he fail to get up to you most of the time. I said most, because the moment he does (1:04 in the video), you will have put Pete into a situation he won't be able to get out of. once this happens, everyone who's up on the ledge must get off  the ledge, for he will attack anyone who's on the same ledge as he is. Once everyone is off the ledge, you'll see that Pete himself can't get off that ledge at all, there in lies a glitch that could allow you to easily take out Pete. At that point, start firing at Pete, as he won't attack at all (he will still do his AoE attack, so just stay right by the pillars, and you won't get caught by the wave, thus causing the DoT effect to take place.) From this point on, you can go ahead and lay waste to this raid boss and call it a victory.


What you might want to be weary of is when you manage to take down his shields. At that point, Pete will then be known as "Pyrocaustic Pete the Ulra Invincible". "Pyrocaustic" isn't just some fancy word, for it means that Pete will no longer use either Fire or Corrosive, but he will be using both AT THE SAME TIME!!! That means, that when he does his AoE, a fire wave will go by first, followed immediately by the corrosive wave. take note of this when he stops moving around. As I said earlier, Having an shield with Inflammable or Alkaline in it will keep you immune to at least one of the two.

Pete, when killed, will often drop around 11 Seraph crystals, along with some okay gear, and at often times, 3 skins for either the Runner or Bandit Technical. at Rare times, though, he may even drop an orange rarity weapon, shield, or mod. I've gotten a lot of orange gear from Pete on my Solo Runs, including a Cradle shield, a Bee shield, a Corrosive Fastball, a Homing Pandemic, a Lobbed Pandemic, and even a Gub (can't remember what type of Gub it was at the moment.). This Strategy also works well for a solo player as well. Give it try whenever you can. Good luck and Happy Hunting!

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This video is from the Xbox 360.


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