Build Fest on "Steam" January 23 - 30th 2023

By goukijones — January 20, 2023
Tags: news steam

If you want to build it… come

My entire wishlist on Steam right now is practically all building games. Plus my birthday coming down next week. It’s a perfect storm of me buying a bunch of games I’ll probably never play. You know how it goes. From January 23 to the 30th all of the building games will be on sale. At first when the trailer started rolling I was thinking this might be some kind of massive tournament/convention. Now that would be awesome right? For me I’m looking at Timberborn, Frostpunk, just off the top of my head. There’s a few more going back a few years too. Plus whatever might get released next week. What are your picks? I’m always looking for more suggestions.


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