News: Capcom promising more bullshit @NYCC from Yoshinori Ono?

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Capcom New York Comic-con Panel Description: "and expect some serious surprises[from Yoshinori Ono]!" Yeah, we've all heard that before. My take on the state of Capcom.

Capcom Press Release:

Capcom is blowing off the doors of New York Comic-Con 2012 with all the monsters, demons, mechanical rigs, Street Fighters, and memory hunters that it can muster.

Throughout the show, new assets and information will be updated on the Capcom press center so check back often. Kicking things off, is an all-new producer walk-through video from Lost Planet 3 as well as screenshots from the Wii U version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate… head over to the press center and download them now!

At the show, Capcom is offering playable demos from the upcoming 2012/2013 line-up of games including DmC Devil May Cry, Lost Planet 3, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Okami HD, Resident Evil 6, Street Fighter X Tekken (PS Vita) and more! There will also be producer and artist signing sessions, appearances by notable characters with special promotions, and giveaways galore. Fans are encouraged to come by to see Capcom which will be located in booth #2120.

In addition to a bevy of activities at the booth, Capcom is also hosting a series of panels for deeper looks at some of our upcoming titles. Below, please find a full list of these panels:


Capcom has been struggling this year. I'm sure they can't wait to get out of 2012 alive. Remember Me doesn't look that promising right now. DMC has been taken heat ever since they released images of that Dante. Lost Planet 3? What? lol. SFxT is long gone. Both Resident Evil titles released this year got railed by the public. 

This however, this should be about a fighting game. And let me talk my shit again. Darkstalkers 4 on the Street Fighter engine is the only thing that is going to save Capcom right now. Marvel is hot, but I think we're closer to Marvel 4 than a rival schools or a Street Fighter 5. The only other option is something of the same formula of Street Fighter. Something that works. I've been saying it for almost a year. We need a Darkstalkers 4 that plays similar to Street Fighter V & make that shit super competitive. 

Ono has been teasing Darkstalkers forever it seems. 2:31 into the video below.

I wrote a story about his comment at San Diego Comic-con. Ono says Darkstalkers 4 doesn't need our support to get a green light anymore.

Well we'll have to wait for the blogs at 5 o'clock to post whatever BS Ono is talking about. Just don't be a Jimmy Ono san. 

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Ono teasing NEW PLAYABLE game at New York Comic-con.


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