SDCC 2012 Capcom Panel Ono San, Darkstalkers 4 Announcement

By goukijones — July 27, 2012
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SFxT PSVita box art controversy. Exclusive pictures from inside the panel. 2 Exclusive videos; Ono san makes his grand entrance & World's Largest Shoryuken. Plus and of course, my blithering blathering.

Team Gouki had the honor to sit front row at this years Capcom Panel at SDCC. The room was 4 times the size of the room Capcom had in 2010. The panel had a pretty rough start. Some guy I never heard of introduced the SFxT producer. Pretty much the same joke about the cover from EVO, except they actually revealed the American cover. The crowd wants the girl box art way more. Apologies for my blurry image below. Exclusive!


This one would have sold more copies.

It was pretty rough after the SFxT part. They showed the Street Fighter monopoly.


Hello Kitty plushiness. The Dictator is bad ass nice!

Then Ono san kick opened a door and flipped into the back of the room. Screaming at the top of his lungs in English.

"Hello everybody!"

I captured some of that moment on tape.

Ono starts right away with Darkstalkers 4.

Ono san said: "Remember I would ask you to hold up $10, $20, $100 and I would take a picture and show it to Capcom. Explaining that these people want to pay for a new Darkstalkers game. Well, I don't have to do that any more."

There you have it. Well I guess it could mean Capcom told him they were never ever going to do another Darkstalkers game and to stop embarrassing yourself by teasing people about it. OR they are making Darkstalker 4. Which do you think?

Harada san flew onto the stage via a small orange cloud, with his translator looking more and more like an anime character every time I see him. Harada and Ono get into some back and forth smack talk. It was all Japanese and the translators couldn't keep up. I chuckled myself, as if I knew what they were saying. Thanks Dragon Ball, you have taught me Japanese well.

Finally Ono san organized the World's Largest Shoryuken.
I captured some of that on tape as well.

So there you have it. Apologies for it taking me forever to get this story up. The panel was one of the highlights of SDCC 2012 and the almost certain confirmation of Darkstalkers 4 is very exciting. Although with Capcom not showing any titles that are in production right now -other than RE6 & DMC- you have to wonder, just what is Capcom doing? They even said recently that they think they've released too many fighters. I think Darkstalkers is in the works, but it's something we might not see until it's already almost finished. Talking outta my ass right here. :)

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