Check Out "Cascade Tactics" Full Of Interesting Abilities For The Fantasy Tactics Fans

By goukijones — January 4, 2022
Tags: final-fantasy-tactics preview

Who isn’t looking for that classical fantasy tactics gameplay?

I’ve watched this trailer a few times trying to catch all of these Interesting Abilities and they are interesting. Here’s a list of all the abilities I see in this preview of Cascade Tactics. Coming soon to Steam. 

  1. Detonate
  2. Gust
  3. Teleport
  4. Earth Slash
  5. Cancel
  6. Ice Prison
  7. Frozen
  8. Ice Break
  9. Command
  10. Absorb Fire
  11. Flames
  12. Double Cast
  13. Save
  14. Immune
  15. Summon Soldier
  16. Retarget
  17. Reanimate
  18. Warpgate
  19. Twin Attack
  20. Block
  21. Vampire
  22. Drain
  23. Infuse
  24. Tornado
  25. Combo
  26. Earthquake

Make sure you Wishlist Cascade Tactics on Steam if you like what you see.


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