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dragonkiss83 Posted by: dragonkiss83 Jun 8, 2012 | 5 comments
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More of the same with DoA, but there are some new features to enjoy

We already new that with Dead or Alive 5 we were going to see some Virtua Fighter characters so hearing that Sarah Bryant was one of them wasn't earth shattering news. And as someone who wasn't that into the series it's not a big deal to me.

We also know that there are always tons of costumes (some stranger than others) and this shot of Hitomi Shows we can expect more of that.  And there is also a clown suit for Zack so I see a pattern.

They also say that the levels will be more destructible and if you have the demo you can see that for yourself.

The graphics look great, but that is another constant for the series.

We can expect more than 20 characters, and we know a few so far.  Not much room for surprises there, but they don't say how many past 20.

Two new features are Critical Bursts (not their tops sorry jimmy) that will allow you to stun your opponent for a couple seconds.  The second is Power Blows, allowing you to charge up your attack and direct the way your opponent flies.

Tag battles will be back again.  I prefer the one on one matches, but it's more of the same.  There will even be team Power Blows (try writing that without adding a dirty joke) that could turn the moment of the fight.

Not that much to really shock us, but with a formula that has worked this well you really don't need to mess with it much.  Still at the top of my list for games to get this year (who know maybe with some help from and with a release date set at September 25 it makes that month feel so far away. It's the same month as Borderlands 2 (like anyone here didn't know that) and 2 months never felt so long and that's coming from a guy who went through basic training for the Army.

How many of you are counting the days until you pick this up?  Anyone Playing DoA 4 and the demo like crazy while you wait?  Or are you just waiting for the high def jiggles?

Dead or Alive 5

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