"Diablo IV" Episode Of The Purple Pants

By goukijones — March 28, 2023
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Eat enough chicken sandwiches and your dreams will come true.

The Diablo IV beta was good to me. I may be a little more cross-eyed than I was 2 weeks ago. But hey, it was worth it. I got 2 classes to 25. The rest I put some time into and I played Barbarian the least. Barbarian was still fun to play, but the rest of the classes are much more enticing. Druid is probably my least favorite. I didn’t really get what was going on. I was struggling to stay alive most of the time. After I got some life recover buffs it was better. Maybe the endgame will be better for Druid. Necromancer was my favorite. I love the army of undead following you around. Plus Corpse Explosion is a freakin’ blast. So satisfying to blow up the dead bodies. Absolutely merc’n bosses and just breezing through dungeons. There is no doubt I am all in on the Diablo IV. It is a ton of fun and should keep me occupied for weeks leveling up a few different jobs. Here’s to a great launch for Blizzard and Diablo IV!

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Diablo IV (Vessel of Hatred​)

Diablo IV Vessel of Hatred​ Expansion Gouki Box Art

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