Review: Dig or Die Experience Ultimate Anxiety On A Killer Planet

goukijones Posted by: goukijones Jul 30, 2018 | 2 comments
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You can not stop the night from coming.

I am loving this game.  This is my favorite 2018 Indie game to date.  I can not stop digging.  It has everything I love in a thrilling game play experience.  You can build giant forts and setup a defense with turrets and traps.  There are tons of places for exploration and many different materials to farm.  There are over a hundred different things to craft including guns, armor, doors, and power generators.  There is an entire water pressure dam system you can design and build on your own. That’s how you generate power for teleporters, doors, and turrets.  I’m telling you, it's incredible!

I’ve been slow at writing this review because every time I sit down to work on it I just end up playing Dig or Die for 3-4 hours.  I have 43 hours in the game so far.  I’m going to beat it soon.  I have access to all of the areas.  My problem is, I just want to explore and uncover every corner in the game.  I found what I think is a secret boss, but then again, I haven’t finished the game yet and this may be part of the end game. 

The game gives me more anxiety than any other game I’m currently playing or remember playing in a long time. You are constantly racing the clock.  In Dig or Die, you’re a traveling salesman flying around the universe trying to sell your ultimate crafting machine. You crash land on a strange planet and have to use that crafting machine to stay alive.  Everything you need to escape this planet is buried somewhere below… and maybe even above.  You have to dig and build during the day and survive the night.  Anxiety level 100.  Now I’m not saying the game stresses me out because I have to run back to the base every 20 minutes to protect myself, or that I have to run from the monsters at night and get completely distracted from what I was doing.  The worst was before I got power for my teleporter at the bottom, it would take me half of the day cycle to get to the bottom. 

My anxiety comes from sitting here playing.  You absolutely can not take your hands off the controls and you are constantly on the run.  One morning I had played the game for almost 3 hours before I realized I hadn’t had coffee, any food or even taken a piss or a poop.  I took a break soon after that when I realized how lost I had become with the gameplay.  My bowels were rekt the rest of the day.  I was done for.  I NEED to get off of this planet.  Virtually. 

The game has great music.  Great design.  And it is very addicting.  I am having back to back 6 hours sessions just to test a theory I dreamt up over night.  I’ve seen a few people mention that it was like Terraria, but I have never played that so I wouldn’t know.  It definitely looks similar, but until you play Dig or Die, you can’t really say what it’s like.  I highly recommend playing Dig or Die.  It is truly a great and fun game to play.  You will absolutely love trying to get off this planet!

Thanks for reading.

Dig or Die

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