Deals: E3 2012 Swag Fund Raiser Borderlands 2 shirts, DOA5, Persona 4

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E3 2012 Swag $1 auctions. There's some Buy it Now's in there for you Jimmys that can't control yourself. You can also win most of these items in our E3 2012 Swag Bag giveaway. All purchases directly support keeping our servers up. Thank you.

E3 2012 Swag Fund Raiser for All of our E3 Swag Auctions start at $1 and all funds help us pay back the large debt we inccurred while in L.A covering E3. Thank you for bidding on our Auctions. You may also enter for a chance to win 1 of everything we got from E3 on our website.

Please read the descriptions for each item. Thank you for your support.

All items ship USPS the next day after payment is received. Serious bidders only. Ships Worldwide. Check our feed back and bid with confidence.

Aliens bandana. You could only get this at E3 2012 if you played the Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer against the Devs.  (1) (2) available.

Dead or Alive 5. "I'm a Fighter" necklace chain and button. Exactly what is in the picture. (1) (2) available.

1 button and 1 Starman card. (1) (2) (3) available.

Bethesda speaker set featuring The Elder Scrolls Online & Dishonored. Sealed. You will also get 1 Dishonored tattoo. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) available. 

Wreck-It Ralph T-shirt (Large) & Xbox Live Avatar DLC code E3 2012 Swag. The code is for an avatar t-shirt. (1) available

Highest bidder will get their choice of either the Gandolf or the Sauron t-shirt (Large) Only 1 shirt is for auction, but you can choose which one you want. Both sizes are Large. The front of the shirt is the Guardians of Middle-Earth logo. (1) available.

InJustice Gods Among Us t-shirt (Extra Large.) You could only get these shirts if you watched the InJustice demo at E3 2012. (1) (2) available.

Persona 4 Arena t-shirt (XL) & Badge Card. You had to be online and take your picture with some booth babes to get this shirt. (1) available.

Borderlands 2 button. You had to play the floor demo at E3 2012 to get this. (1) (2) available.

Borderlands 2 Fight Back t-shirt (L or XL) Button & PC LOOT DLC card. Your choice of Large or Extra Large. (1) available.

Borderlands 2 Beware of Skags t-shirt (L or XL) Button & PC LOOT DLC code. Your choice of Large or Extra Large. (1) available. 

You can view all of our E3 auctions on our EBAY PAGE.

Thanks for checking these auctions out guys! Remember you can win most of these same items if you win Jimmy of the Month for May or June. There is still plenty of time to enter. But if you see something you really like/want please bid. All the funds received goes back into the coffers to help us manage our operating costs. Thank you and Don't be a Jimmy! Vote, Comment and Share.


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