Blog: EA Press Conference E3 2018 Anthem Headlines, Battlefield V Battle Royale Confirmed.

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Not a bad showing. Quick and had some really good talking points. We can't wait for Anthem.

Battlefield V Battle Royale was the first the major announcement from EA.  E3 “It is on.”  This press conference was an absolute cliche of what E3 continues to be year after year.  Including the finishing touch of unveiling a super boss fight at the end of a demo just to fade to black.  Do something new and actually show the boss fight for a change. Somebody, please. I do hope the show gets better than this EA presentation.  Here are my highlights.

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Battlefield V looks great.  This is the newest attempt to maximize this engine. The map looks huge, the destruction and weather environments look like a true next-gen game.  As far as the Battle Royale mode, it’s not much for a game like Battlefield V to add a mode like this.  I believe the core of the game is still going to be team-based conquest.  Vintage Battlefield.

Then Fifa was mention, but just a cinematic was shown.  Nothing new there.  EA’s subscription base game rental system had a video.  People are not into that shit from EA, they already think the company is sketchy as hell.  An announcement of Jedi Fallen Order from Respawn Games.

Then we had a short presentation for Star Wars Battlefront II.  The guy in the red flannel shirt said that The Clone Wars is coming to Battlefront later this year.  He also announced General Grievous, Obi-Wan, Count Dooku and Anakin Skywalker.  Basically everything the BF2 community wanted to hear.  He only had one picture from what I saw and it was of Grievous.  Nothing else was shown or mention.  They are dedicated to the game.

I signed up for Command and Conquer immediately.

The bigger winner of the show.  The game we are all eagerly awaiting.  The Destiny game we wish we got… Bioware’s Anthem.  Everything about this game is exciting to me. It is going to be hard to show me something I don’t like about it right now.  Good luck EA and Bioware with this game.  Let it be something great.  This may be the first game in a long time that I call an all-stop, all hands on deck game that we are going to PWNN all day and all night baby!  Providing the servers work on the first day.

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Jun 9, 2018 by goukijones

Complete Anthem Gameplay Demo.


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