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By JBadua — January 23, 2011
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A breakdown on Evil Ryu's health, normals, specials and ultras.

Overview by Adnan and MetallicA

Very interesting character but will be difficult to win with, combos are not so simple, but his damage is painful. I feel this character can zone out very well and can be played offensive and defensive.

Health (stamina)
Very low, around 800-850 (stun is also very low).

Focus Attack
Good distance (you can Kara Hard Punch focus for a longer distance).

Similar to Ryu's grab (you can Kara grab with Hard Punch for far distance).

Normal Moves

Light Punch

Feels like Ryu's Light Punch.
Can reset with Crouching Light Punch after Light Hurricane Kick.
Combos to: Crouching Light Punch, Standing Light Punch, Crouching Medium Punch, Standing Medium Punch, Standing Hard Punch, Crouching Light Kick, Standing Light Kick, Hurricane Kick, Shoryuken, Fireball and Light Kick Stomp.

Medium Punch

This move is too good, faster than Ryu's Medium Punch.
Crouching Medium Punch and Standing Medium Punch are both able to be Canceled.
Jumping Medium Punch has the same two hit juggle as Ryu (I was unable to Jumping Medium Punch, Ultra 1 — but Ultra 2 works).
Counter hit Crouching Medium Punch to Crouching Hard Kick sweep works.
Hit box of Standing Medium Punch looks great and can really blow up crouch teching.
Overhead looks just like Akuma's and you can Kara Super Demon with overhead.
Can reset with Crouching and Standing Medium Punch after Light Hurricane Kick.
Combos to: Crouching Light Punch, Standing Light Punch, Crouching Medium Punch, Standing Medium Punch, Standing Hard Punch, Crouching Light Kick, Standing Light Kick, Crouching Medium Kick, Hurricane Kick, Shoryuken, Fireball and Light Kick Stomp.

Hard Punch

Looks more like Akuma's Hard Punch.
Can reset with Standing Hard Punch after Light Hurricane Kick.
Great move to keep opponent from jumping.
Close up, breaks crouch teching and can cancel to teleport.
Jump in Hard Punch option select Hurricane Kick is very fast.
Combos to: Hurricane Kick, Shoryuken, Ultra 2, Fireball and Light Kick Stomp.

Light Kick

Same as Ryu's crouching and standing Light Kick.
Good fake option in trying to make your opponent jump.
Can cross over opponent.
Combos to: Crouching Light Kick, Standing Light Kick, Crouching Light Punch, Standing Light Punch, Hurricane Kick and Shoryuken.

Medium Kick

A little slower than Ryu's Crouching Medium Kick, but I think has a larger hitbox.
Crouching Medium Kick into Fireball comes out very fast and a great zoning tool.
Can cross over opponent, similar to Akuma.
Able to Dive Kick at top arc, like Akuma.
Can option select with Jumping Medium Kick, Shoryuken very well.
Combos to: Hurricane Kick, Fireball and Shoryuken.

Hard Kick

This move does big damage, but its recovery is horrendous.
Can't combo to Crouching Hard Kick from a normal unless counter hit.
Crouching Hard Kick after Light Hurricane Kick works but timing is different than Akuma's and might be character specific.

Special Moves

Hurricane Kick (quarter circle back + kick)

This move is fantastic and very, Very fast.
Seems to be quick on recovery.
Can't Hurricane Kick out in the air.
Light Hurricane Kick
Hits 1 time.
Can juggle to Shoryuken and various normals.
Light Hurricane Kick seems better at cross ups since Medium and Hard Punch push the opponent too far for another combo.
Cross up Hurricane Kick to Ultra 2 works.
Medium Hurricane Kick
Hits 2 times.
Similar to Hard Kick version but closer distance.
Hard Hurricane Kick
Hits up to 4 times and great at closing space.
Can reach almost full screen and is probably twice the speed of Ryu's Hurricane Kick.
EX Hurricane Kick
Think it was 5 hits.
This has a large hitbox.
Same as Ryu's and can juggle to Ultra 1.
Can Shoryuken after.

Shoryuken (Toward, Down, Down-Toward + Punch)

Need to find the Shoryuken with start-up invincibility.
Feels better than Ryu's Shoryuken and quick recovery and start-ups.
Can FADC after Light Hurricane Kick to Ultra 1 and 2 (WOW).
Light Punch Shoryuken
Hits once.
The start up on this move is very fast.
This move has much better recovery than Ryu's Shoryuken.
Can Light Punch Shoryuken, Ultra 1 without cancel.
Medium Punch Shoryuken
Hits twice.
You can throw out a Light Punch Fireball and then late Medium Punch Shoryuken at close distance showing fast start-up.
Feels like the better anti-air option for Evil Ryu, but not sure yet.
Hard Punch Shoryuken
Hits twice.
Feels like vanilla Shoryuken.
Very nice distance and can hit safe jumps.
EX Shoryuken
This move might have no invincibility, need to test it out later.
Good damage.

Fireball (quater circle toward + punch | half circle back + punch for red Fireball)

Fireballs feel a little faster then Ryu's fireballs.
Light Punch Fireball feels to have the fastest recovery, but then again Hard Punch is pretty good.
Red fireballs hit once, twice, and three times depending on the punch used.
Similar to Akuma's Fireball and slow start-up.
EX Fireball
Both versions of the Fireball can be used after Shoryuken FADC.
Much faster than Ryu's EX Fireball.
EX Red Fireball has large damage and fast start-up.

Kick Stomp (quarter circle toward + kick)

Another good crouching tech breaker.
All kicks armor break.
Light Kick Stomp having the fastest start up but closest distance.
Medium Kick Stomp between Light Kick and Hard Kick.
Hard Kick Stomp with the slowest start up but farther distance.
Can only combo into Light Kick Stomp.
EX Kick Stomp
High damage.
Quick start up and descent recovery.
Can overhead.

Teleport (Shoryuken or Reverse Shoryuken motion + 3 punches or 3 kicks)

Recovery seems slower then Akuma's.
Punches and kicks all vary on distance.
Punch teleport reaching the farthest distance.
Kick teleport reaching the shortest distance.


Ultra 1 (quarter circle toward 2x + 3 punches)

Good damage and similar to Ryu's.
Ultra an opponents Fireball works very weird, sometimes it would work and other times it would cancel it out (might depend on the incoming projectile).
Recovery is very bad.
You can hold the punches and charge the Ultra.
Shoryuken, FADC, Ultra 1 is possible.
Light Punch Shoryuken Ultra 1 is very nice without a cancel.
Jumping Medium Punch into Ultra 1 didn't work.

Ultra 2 (quarter circle toward 2x + 3 kicks)

Terrible recovery and might be only invincible on start-up.
This Ultra looks like Ken and Dudley's Super.
Damage is good, but sort of difficult to anti-air with.
Jumping Medium Punch, Ultra 2 works.
Low Medium Kick, EX Fireball, FADC, Ultra 2 works and is the full animation.
You can Shoryuken, FADC, Ultra 2.   Health 850, Stun 950

Numbers calculated from this video, 

In the 2nd round that starts @ 00:56.

Assuming normal Ryu's damage and stun rate for the used normals aren't changed in AE (which 99% they haven't), here's how I calculated the stun rate:

It begins at 1:06:

Combo 1: CH c.MP, c.MP, c.HK = 305 stun
Combo 2: CH j.HK, c.MP, c.MP, c.HK = 500 stun
j.MK = 100 stun
CH c.LK = 63 stun
Total = 968 stun to dizzy Evil Ryu, which means he has 950 stun rate

As for health, it was trickier to figure out because unlike stun, it gets scaled depending on your health, anyway here's what happened in the 2nd round up to when Evil Ryu got dizzied:

CH j.HP = 125 damage
Combo 1: c.MP(ch), c.MP, c.HK = 207 damage
Combo 2:,,, = 291 damage (288 damage on 850 health character)
j.MK = 67 damage (63 damage on 850 health character)
CH c.LK= 24 damage (23 damage on 850 health character)

Total = 714 - 706 damage scaled depending on the character's health (1000-850)

Anyway, let's say it took around 710 damage to get Evil Ryu's health to just outside the 2nd score circle under the health bar when he got dizzied (a screenshot), here are the results for doing a full Gief Ultra 1 + MP SPD (520 + scaled 190 SPD= 710 damage) on these characters that have different health ratings:

Health breakdown image

As you can see, Evil Ryu's health matches Akuma's 850 health for taking the same amount of damage.   Can't wait till AE hits console!


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