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4 new Street Fighter X Tekken videos were released today. Featuring M. Bison, Gouki & 2 Tekken characters. :) GoukiJones shares his thoughts in what will probably be his last preview of SFxT before its release March 6th. Pandora sacrifices win tournaments.

So you got Dan telling you the story. Pretty good idea, Ono loves Dan. I'd rather hear it Japanese, but the English voice acting wasn't that bad. Dan needs to sound like a nuab, right? The inclusion of Kuma and the explanation of the different factions involvement brings everything we've been teased about for months, together. Deal with it. If you think the Pandora's box storyline is still crazy, I'm sorry. Street Fighter X Tekken is a Japanese game.

Gouki looks like a bad ass. I'm so out of touch with Tekken, that I have no clue who Ogre is. Ogre looks dope though I don't think he's playable for me. Maybe should get good with Gouki in the game finally.

Everything looks cool right. Is anyone really excited about using any specific Tekken characters. This team here of Jin and the girl looks like a girls team in this game. Just tellin' how it is bro. Ogre looks dope, but that's not how you sacrifice somebody.

That's how you sacrifice somebody. Ryu eats it and that's how it should be. That is a great example of how that is at least an amazing feature of the game. F Ryu. Juri talking to Bison is classic. What about that combat? Marvel on the ground? I think so. Bouncing Jimmys back and forth and tagging in and out constantly. Button mashing madness!

I can't wait for Street Fighter X Tekken, yes I am finally hype. The usage of the gems and combos and Pandora boxes and character specific team up has me hype. Look for Street Fighter X Tekken live shows coming to the stream as soon as I get a copy. Favorite the stream on

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