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goukijones Posted by: goukijones Aug 24, 2011 | 3 comments
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I wrote this the first night the game was released. They rest is explained in the story. I gotta get this off my chest so I'm just posting it the way it is. Final Verdict is all that matters.

I wrote some notes as I always do while playing games. I beat From Dust in 1 sitting and never played it again. I gotta post my review right? Well here it is. Don’t be a Jimmy!

1200 Points?! Damn. I know a Jimmy don’t have a $15 dollars nowadays. Anyway, we’re gonna review two things at once here. I also have a of Tritton Headset. I’m gonna wear the headset while I play From Dust. Don’t be a Jimmy.

There’s a lot of cords and I don’t like cords. The optical cable does not snap in, it just kinda hangs there. Sad face.

From Dust download 93% complete.

There’s little plastic things that protect the optical cable. I didn’t know what I was doing. Sounds good now. From Dust loaded up. Here we go.

Zero noise cancelling. I can still hear BatRastered breathing from the other room.

I intend to beat the shit out of this game. Of all the Summer of Arcade games, this sounded the most interesting to me. Although I kinda got my SimCity fix recently with the 100’s of hours I spent in Civ5.

I need a drink.

Margarita PWN. The Tritton has a clip so you can clip it to your shirt Jimmy. It also has a detach cable -like a wired Xbox controller- so if you gotta take a piss, it’s just a quick pull away.

Just got the entire village swallowed up by a tsunami.

I’m blowing through these levels now. The game is pretty cool. The idea is to escape the area with your tribe. You can manipulate the land different ways with sand, water and lava.

I’m starting to get into the puzzle part of the game, but once I solve them. What? I can solve them again faster? The sound on the headset is good. When I figured out how to turn the volume and the bass up, the sound came alive. I heard sounds from the Xbox I’ve never heard before.

I just beat From Dust. 6hrs all the way through. Not very challenging at all. You know I’m disappointed in a 6 hour game, especially a 6 hour game that cost $15. Now I’m not gonna write my final verdict just yet. It’s late and I’m gonna play some of the challenge modes tomorrow.

Actually that’s it. I was pretty disappointed.

From Dust

3 Stories

Release Date: Jul 27, 2011

Buy it! 0 % - Rent it! 29 % - Flush it! 71 %

Verdict: Flush It


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