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October 27, 2012. FnJimmy Super C Challenge. Super Street Fighter IV AE Top 8. Marvel VS Capcom 3 Exhibition Match Halloween Havoc 2012.

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3

Slimer [Vicko] VS Everything is Purple Grimace [Cinderkin] in a Halloween Havoc FT25 Nothing but Pride Match.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012

Brackets -

Game of the Night.

GoukiJones VS masterMitsurugi

There was also a bonus exhibition match:

Jimmy VS Timmy FT3

Back to the tourney.

Grand finals featuring [W] masterMitsurugi [Ibuki] VS [L] Nififf [Ryu/Chun]

If you only clicked into this story to see the Super C Challenge #2, that story is on a different page. :)

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Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

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