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This is a list of every video game purchased in 2010. Have a look of exactly how much we spent on gaming.

We recently did the taxes and thought it would be a good idea to share with you all of our video game receipts from last year. Below you will find the date of purchase, where we purchased the game and the price we paid. Followed by a monthly total and a grand total at the end of the page. How much did we spend on video games last year?

Almost every game we purchased from Kmart was less that $45. That's a great average and we saved a ton at Kmart last year. You could save a lot of money at Best Buy if you are part of their Reward Zone Gamers Club. We got Gran Turismo there for less than $15. Not that it was worth $10. We also prefer Amazon, with features like $0.99 Release Day Delivery and New Releases being less than retail, you can't go wrong with those savings.

2010 Video Game Receipts

1-5-10-Darksiders & Mass Effect 2 Pre-order Best Buy $63.86
1-13-10-Wii Music GameStop & Mario Beanie & Game Informer 12 MO $40.33
1-26-10-Mass Effect 2 Collector's Edition X2 Best Buy $144.83

2-1-10-Spectrobes Origins Best Buy $10.69
2-9-10-Bioshock 2 & Bioshock Promo Toys R Us $59.19
2-16-10-Halo Legends Best Buy $25.99

3-2-10-Battlefield Bad Company 2 Best Buy $64.19
3-9-10-Final Fantasy XIII Best Buy $58.84
3-23-10-1600 MS Points & Nerf N-Strike Elite Bundle Best Buy $39.38
3-24-10-Just Cause 2 Kmart $48.14

4-14-10-Splinter Cell Conviction Best Buy $42.79
4-21-10-Wireless Black Xbox 360 Controller Amazon $28.54
4-27-10-Fifa World Cup 2010 & Super Street Fighter IV Best Buy $90.93

5-18-10-Red Dead Redemption Toys R Us $64.19
5-25-10-Mod Nation Racers Best Buy $26.74

No Records for June

7-2-10-Prototype Mail-in Rebate $4.95
7-6-10-Sin and Punishment Kmart $27.01
7-6-10-Crackdown 2 X2 Kmart 129.70
7-18-10-Dragon Age Origins Awakening Best Buy $27.01
7-30-10-Tatsunoko VS Capcom Kmart $21.61

8-2-10-Metroid Other M Amazon $55.97

9-7-10-Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Kmart $43.23
9-11-10-Pre-order Halo Reach Besy Buy $10.00
9-14-10-Halo Reach X2 Best Buy $119.70
9-28-10-Dead Rising 2 Kmart $43.23
9-29-10-Front Mission Kmart $27.01

10-5-10-Castlevania LOS Kmart $43.23
10-19-10-Vanquish & Fallout New Vegas & Fallout New Vegas Game Guide Toys R Us $129.70
10-27-10-WWE SmackDown Vs Raw 2011 Kmart $43.23

11-2-10-1600 MS Points GameStop $11.61
11-13-10-Need For Speed HS Amazon $60.94
11-16-10-Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Kmart $55.11
11-24-10-Gran Turismo Best Buy $14.85
11-26-10-Need For Speed HS Amazon $22.97

12-7-10-Tron Evolution Kmart $43.23

Total - $1718.78

Do you have any idea how much MONEY you spent on video games last year? Start saving your receipts now and compare with us again next year. And if you're still paying full price for video games? Get with the program. Deals Jimmy! Start SAVING money on video games. Because being a hardcore gamer isn't cheap.


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