Goukimunity Halo Wars gameplay videos 1/20/2011

By goukijones — January 23, 2011
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Goukimunity members ErikEstrada and goukijones love the Halo Wars. Check out these exclusive videos from 1/20/2011. Don't be a Jimmy.

For those of you who don't know what Halo Wars is, or just don't give a shit, you should just skip this story. If you want to see some hardcore gangsta ass Halo Wars pwnn by two pros, then watch.

In the first video, Estrada and goukijones are against two Covenant leaders and these guys are a couple of real Jimmys. The first half of the video you get a real good look at my strategy for building and controlling the field. Simply masterful. The second half is a full-on attack. Get railed!
5:18 Skip to the spectacular coordinated attack strike

All units! This video we are facing off against two Human leaders. These Jimmys didn't have a clue what was going on here. With the centerpiece captured, that automatically increases your soldier count by 10, I was well fortified with some serious fortification. As as the Jimmy came around the corner with his tanks, my 35 marine squads and 3 Spartans took him to the PWN Gulch!
6:26 Skip to the second half of this championship performance and see the red-tank-building-Jimmys base get bum rushed.

How to get railed by two Covenant leaders. This is what it looks like with a railin' Covenant team. Once my partner got knocked out, I decided to build an unstoppable and unbreakable stronghold on one of the islands. How well does my defense hold up? lol. Zero!
3:33 Skip to the party of goukijones getting railed.

If anybody reading this plays Halo Wars, leave a comment. We are looking for a third. Don't be a Jimmy!

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