Video: Goukimunity Need for Speed Hot Pursuit gameplay videos 12/5/2010

goukijones Posted by: goukijones Jan 23, 2011 | 11 comments
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Team Gouki sat down for a few rounds of good ole fashioned cops and robbers. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit style. Bonus commentary.

ThaBrad was MIA, allegedly one of his mods was blocking him from getting online. And Cindy? Oh Cindy was having another Endless Battle with his FightStick.

The Racers: ErikEstrada and FnJimmy
The Cops: goukijones and BatRastered
0:52 No arrows on the map, just dots.
2:48 FnJimmy disappears right in front of me.
3:07 FnJimmy playing possu, like a bitch.
3:27 Race Shutdown!

The Cops: ErikEstrada and FnJimmy
The Racers: goukijones and BatRastered
0:31 How to avoid a Jimmy ass EMP.
2:17 Unavoidable!
3:07 Vintage Nubfarm.
3:24 Pounding Estrada in the rear end.
3:56 Watch the rearview mirror for FnJimmy driving straight into a rock.

The Racers: ErikEstrada and goukijones
The Cops: FnJimmy and BatRastered
0:33 FnJimmy dives away from goukijones.
0:42 goukijones was clear!
1:07 FnJimmy is not getting away from this EMP.
2:10 BatRastered flipped!
2:35 The possum that is FnJimmy, gets railed.
3:17 Estrada and BatRastered are spectating.
3:27 goukijones takes a shortcut.
3:32 goukijones blacks out.
3:40 FnJimmy railed in the darkness.

The Cops: ErikEstrada and goukijones
The Racers: FnJimmy and BatRastered
1:35 Let the records show goukijones is ahead of Estrada by 17.10s
1:51 goukijones lookin' like a nuab.
2:25 FnJimmy getting literally railed.
3:09 Estrada wins the race.

The Racers: FnJimmy and goukijones
The Cops: ErikEstrada and BatRastered
0:25 goukjones puts Estrada into the wall.
2:01 BatRastered team gaffles Estrada.
3:29 1 final spike strip for Estrada.

The Cops: FnJimmy and goukijones
The Racers: ErikEstrada and BatRastered
0:00 Corvette FTW. Best car in teh game.
0:21 Right up BatRastered read end. Look out for that on-coming traffic ya nuab.
1:00 Sad face.
1:45 Sad face.
2:47 Teaching BatRastered new tricks. Busted!
Estrada was never seen again.

Watch for more Goukimunity events coming in the Future. Jan. 23 2011 we will be kicking off our weekly Street Fighter battles. Jan 25 2011 Team Gouki will party up for some Bulletstorm and Crysis 2 multiplayer demo. Don't be a Jimmy. Become a user and leave a comment on any of these stories if you want to PWN with

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

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Jan 23, 2011 by goukijones

If we did another Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Goukimunity Event would you want to play?

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