Halo Infinite E3 2020 Reaction Video from GoukiJones at the Microsoft Press Conference

By goukijones — July 24, 2020
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There is no video of me. There is only video of the new Halo. Behold.

This is not what I was expecting at all. Just a few minutes of actual gameplay and what they showed was not good at all. I don’t want to bitch, I definitely don’t want to bitch, but there was nothing, nothing in that trailer that had me in awe. No cool explosions like the Ratchet and Clank, no innovative new matchmaking or battle royal/big team battle gameplay mode. Just 117 shooting some grunts, elites, and brutes. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

This ‘release date’ is holiday 2020. Microsoft and Sony are terrified of what the other one has and are going head-to-head this winter for your big buckaroos. idc. I am going to want to play the new Halo (hopefully it looks better real soon) or I’m not gonna be interested. If the homies ain’t like “yeah dawg, we gotta get the new xbox elite and the new halo mate.” then I’m not gonna be into it. When the Warthog drives through mud and water and it DOESN’T GET DIRTY?!?!?! WTF. What year are these graphics from? No Multiplayer shown or even co-op. They had nothing of this game to show except the first 5 minutes of the story. It’s coming out in less than 5 months! My fingers will stay crossed.

This trailer shows a few more seconds of actual gameplay. I am having a hard time even thinking about trying to explain this. Imagine if you didn’t know a new Halo game was coming out and I said ‘Hey check out this video.’ and showed you that. You would have no idea that was a Brand New Halo coming out this Christmas for the chidren. It’s like 2009 Halo. OMG I hate talking this much shit about something I was so excited for, but I’m just not sitting here thinking ‘I can’t live without that grappling hook.’ They devs saw something cool in another game and added it in. At this point I’ll be awaiting friend and internet feedback. Anybody know when the beta is?

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