Horizon Zero Dawn 5 Power Cells Shield-Weaver Outfit How To Unlock It All!

By goukijones — September 28, 2020
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This can be done at any point once you have that particular area or dungeon opened up. In this video, I searched for all of these power cells after I beat the game. Some of them I picked up along the way, those were the easy ones.

#1 Original ruin that Aloy falls into as a child.

Find it through a doorway of spikes you have to break open with your melee attack. The video shows the exact corridor and hallway where the cave is that contains the power cell. There is a big smash: 0:32.

#2 Not the number two in any certain order, but the number 3 power cell of the 5 that I collected. I had already opened the first part of the quest at the cost 2 power cells to unlock the door. So I had to pick up the other 3 and I wasn’t sure where exactly to look. I checked all 5 locations. That’s how the idea for this video came about.

#3 Grave-Hoard Ruin.

Go all the way down to the bottom. Go up the ladder and turn right through the first door. Go down the hallway and it’s the first door on the right. This one is easy to find!

#4 GAIA Prime Ruin.

Go all the way up the mountain and through the entrance. Get out onto the back side of the ruin and repel down. Turn to the left and climb up the little nubs tucked away in the crevasse. You can’t miss the room with the power cell.

#5  Maker’s End White Building.

This is one is easy once you get to the top. Climb up the very top. This one is easy to find!


This one can be picked up early on or after you have beaten the final mission. I believe you can go back to any of these areas once you have opened them up through the story. Once you o in here do not go down the main hall, but turn right. Then at the first intersection, turn left and crouch down and go into the vents. This was the final one I needed on my quest.

The first part of the puzzles to unlock the outfit is fairly easy. So easy I don’t even remember how to do it. I’m sure you can figure out, let's move onto the final puzzle where you need the last 3 power cells to unlock. After you insert the power cells  you will have to complete the puzzle. Easy. Right, Left, Up, Right, Left.

Now you can unlock the Shield-Weaver Outfit. There is no slots for you to mod this armor, but it can absorb a massive amount of damage. Stay tuned to the end of the video for an exclusive demo of the Shield-Weaver Outfit in Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4.

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