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By BatRastered — July 8, 2011
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Play on hard without looking like a Jimmy...

I played through the first Infamous recently for two reasons. One, it was free and two I wanted to play through it before picking up Infamous 2. Rei Puerto already did an excellent job reviewing the first game, so I’ll just say that it’s definitely worth picking up at its discounted price (if you didn’t get it for free like I did during the PSN welcome back program).

Anyways, I railed this as a bad guy first then as a good guy on hard mode so here’s some useful knowledge for not looking like an n00b in Infamous:

  1. Not all powers are worth leveling up. Don’t waste your XP on gigawatt blades and thunder drops when you could upgrade your basic lightning shot and grenades. Level 3 lightning bolt as a good guy not only restores your electric energy but if you connect with a headshot, it will restore your health too. If you are a good shot, you are pretty much invincible with this (which is probably why it costs 12,000 XP so save up). As a bad guy, level 3 electric bolt will instantly cause any headshot to explode the enemy like a bomb (potentially killing his neighbors) this makes you much more lethal than before.
  2. What's the difference? Hero powers give you more survivability and precision, while infamous powers give you more damage potential. It’s your choice.
  3. Go all in. Whether you prefer playing hero or villain, you need to go all the way. You can’t get the best powers unless you’re 100% hero or infamous, so don’t half-ass it being nice sometimes and a prick other times will leave your skills lacking.
  4. The story plays out basically the same either way, so don’t hesitate to make your good or evil decision after the first mission, you should already know what you want to do.
  5. Being a hero is slightly easier than a villain. As a good guy, the citizens worship you, at the height of your heroic quest, you’ve inspired them to take up arms against the baddies and clean up their streets. They will throw rocks at the bad guys and otherwise distract them as you take them out. The cops will help you, etc. As an evil bastard, the crowds will throw rocks at you (you won’t take too much damage unless you’re standing still, but it will throw off your aim and doesn’t help when you’re in a firefight). The cops will also target you... with guns, so it’s not quite as simple as being a good guy... but you’ve got more personal firepower.
  6. Take a minute between missions to search for blast shards and kill some random enemies around the starting point of your next mission. Not only fun, but you’ll get more juice and XP. If you just go straight into the missions, you’ll probably not get enough XP to upgrade everything (unless you die a lot).
  7. Once you get the static thrusters, spend some time practicing with them... you’ll need that skill in quite a few of the later missions.
  8. When in doubt, climb. Much of the game takes place on the rooftops, and even when it doesn’t have the high ground is always an advantage.
  9. Skip the TV broadcasts that the game keeps drawing your attention to with “point of interest”; they are completely worthless and add nothing to the story. Just ignore them and keep walking. This won't make the game easier or harder, just shorter.
  10. If you try, you can get yourself into some areas that you aren’t supposed to be yet (like the container yard). If there’s no way out, just get any collectibles you can and then kill yourself with grenades. Later, when you’re supposed to be there, you won’t have to waste time looking for the blast shards or dead drops, just fight and get out.

Well, that’s it, for now, Jimmy, I’ll be back with an Infamous 2 review soon, and maybe some more tips for you.


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