Just 1 Drop of Blood "Redfall" Story Trailer

By goukijones — March 17, 2023
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They all became VAMPIRES!

Redfall is in a great spot in terms of release dates for me for this year. Redfall drops on Xbox Game Pass May 2, 2023. This is great news! A few days before the new Zelda, which I’m kinda “uh idk just yet” and a full month before Street Fighter 6 and Diable IV. It looks like Suicide Squad game was delayed, but I still have seen anything official. Kinda ignoring to be honest, I do want to play that game. Redfall is coming from Arkane studios, who made a few games back in the day that I love. So I’m hoping this new game with 4 player co-op is a success. Saturday Night PWN event coming soon featuring Redfall!


Redfall Gouki Box Art

7 Stories

Release Date: May 2, 2023

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