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Release Date: 2023

Hyped 100 % - Not 0 %

Announced at E3 2021 Microsoft + Bethesda Games Showcase 2021.


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"Redfall" E3 2022 Gameplay Trailer

By: goukijones Jun 24, 2022 | 1 Comments

When you say gameplay what do you mean?

Hard for you to believe actual “gameplay” when there is no hud and every scene seems to be canned. Also, who has time to stop and paint their gun purple when the world is possibly ending out. There’s no secret on this website that I love Bethesda, so we’re going to wait to see a little bit more from Redfall. Now you may think that Neo and Trinity have gone rogue in the Matrix and are attacking this small town, but no, it’s just vampires who happened to have an endless supply of trench coats. I get some Left 4 Dead or Back 4 Blood vibes here. The special abilities and the teamwork do look fun in this trailer. We’ll get to play it some time in 2023.

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Here’s a look at what Bethesda has planned for Redfall.

So it’s a cutscene. We’ve all been through this before. We must use our imagination of how the gameplay will be. Redfall is looking just fine in my head. Some of you may know I’m a huge fan of the Dishonored series, I can’t wait for Deathloop and know we have Redfall. Which I don’t know anything more about than what was shown to us in this video. Hype indeed!

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Redfall Character Screencap Redfall Gouki Box Art

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