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On Mars, no one is your friend.

I love the concept of this game. I have never played big survival games that starts you with absolutely nothing in your inventory but your basic beginner crafting supplies.  Once I got the hang of it and started to level it up, I was really enjoying myself.  You can kill and ruin plenty of peoples days while playing this game. I know I did . I built a small base and finally got the storage container installed. Unfortunately, that was around the last time I got to play before the beta ended on Sunday.  I can’t wait to have another go at this.  Here’s a couple of highlights from my stream over the weekend.  Warning, HELLA RAGE. NSFW

Just when you think it's safe to open the menu and casually spend your flops... Fuck face come from other side.  Just another clip of me raging.  I love it!

An in-depth look at the combat and survival aspect of Memories of Mars.  You also get to see some of the main enemies of the game, the robot spiders.

I shot the gd table at least 3 times.  I wasn't even trying to crouch.  I got so messed up with the keyboard and mouse that I have 2 different programs try to open while this was going down.  I love this game, but let's take some time to focus on the controller functionality.

There’ll be more coming in the future when this game is released or we get access to another beta.  Thanks for reading!

Memories of Mars

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Release Date: Jun 6, 2018

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