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goukijones Posted by: goukijones Mar 2, 2013 | 4 comments
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It doesn't help that I'm totally against games like Bayonetta, Devil May Cry & Metal Gear games in general. I just think most of these games require 0 brain power. Check out this clip from the live stream & my thots on MGR:R. RR....

Cut scenes, Quick Time Events, actual play time ... I can't tell the difference. At one point a cut scene ends & I'm on a train, I run a little bit & there's another cut scene.

I don't know why the big bad guy kidnaps the prime minister & says "He's still valuable." Then takes him out onto a train -which is conveniently placed in the game- & kills the the prime minister privately where nobody can see him. Maybe something more deep was explained later on in the game, but I'll never know. FnJimmy will explain it to me later on, I'm sure, after he beats it on EASY.

Then continuing on the train I get into another boss fight. This 1 is 1 of those fights where you can't win. Another thing I hate about video games. No matter how hard I try or how good I am at the game, I am supposed to die here. #straightface

So now I'm bleeding out of the eye, my right arm is cut off & there is no escape from this unbeatable boss. Lucky for me, he just leave. Mission 1 over. 

Mission 2 starts & I'm flying some plane over the ocean. I magically have my arm & eye back, no problem. This might have been explained during the extended cut scene I was watching of the giant black man & the little white girl sitting in front the computer, but I was so fed up with this unoriginality that I wasn't even paying attention anymore. Mash X, start, whatever, just end this cut scene so I can get back into the game. 

The coolest thing about Metal Gear Revengeance is the cut anything idea. You can't cut everything tho, especially people. Raiden can walk up to palm trees, barrels, cars, even pillars that are holding up bridges & slice them to shit. There's even a counter of how many pieces you cut something into. That's cool. Just can't cut people until you've taken a certain amount of life of off them. Bullshit. 

Here's me playing MGR:R & pretty much annoying myself to death & giving up. Coming from Halo where I'm constantly using ALL of the buttons & trying to out strategize my opponents & plan my next move, MGR:R just doesn't do it for my brain, I can't waste my time playing this game. 


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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

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Release Date: Feb 19, 2013

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