Microsoft Press Conference E3 2018 Top 5 Things That Happened

By goukijones — June 10, 2018
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Almost 2 hours of non-stop videos and only a few highlights. It's still hard to find a reason for Xbox.

Halo: Infinite was announced at the beginning of the show but nothing was really revealed about the game. Speculation, please.  Here is the trailer that was shown.

There was a Fallout 76 Trailer presented by Todd Howard. The trailer did not reveal anything about the game.  It looks amazing, I guess they did mention that the map was 4 times the size of Fallout 4.

We were reassured that Crackdown 3 is still coming out with a new trailer of Terry Crews screaming and yelling.  It didn’t look that good.  Forza Horizon, it’s cars, it’s bullshit.  No interest in this at all.  Devil May Cry 5 showed off some of the combat which made up for the not so great graphics I was seeing. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 new trailer with the Frozen Characters.

There was something called Ori and the Will of the Nuabs.  I don’t usually go for these side-scrolling artsy games.  Sekiro is a Samurai hack and slash, I didn’t care for it.  The graphics didn’t look great.  Developers are now sacrificing graphics for larger size maps. I’m not sure it’s such a good thing anymore.  It might be too much.  The Division 2 shared a trailer that was almost the exact same trailer they released with The Division 1.  Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be played by me.  I loved the first two Tomb Raider games and I’m certain this one is going to be just as much fun.  Metro Exodus Zzzzzz.

They finished it up with Gears of War 5, which didn’t show much of the gameplay.  There was also a Gears tactical shooter that looks like XCOM and some game made with POP! Figures.  IDK WTF that was all about.  I’m not interested in Gears of War.

Finally, at the very end, Cyberpunk 2077 was shown.  It was only a cinematic, but I believe it unveiled a bunch of ideas of what to expect from the game.  Check out the trailer.


Halo Infinite

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