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By goukijones — April 21, 2010
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Over in Papabear's cave, the cubs review Nerf N-Strike for the Wii.

Angel(7) had told me in one day that the Nerf game with the gun was Bad ass and he wanted to pwn that shit! I came across the game on sale for $20. Deals Jimmy! I bought the Nerf N-Strike Elite bundle and an extra gun for a total of $40. I saved $20 and now both Angel and Gio(4) can play together.

These guns also have a secondary function as an actual Nerf gun with three rounds of foam darts. Pumped activated and at close range could very well pwn you. I didn't think about this when I was buying it for two young kids. I got shot in the face a few times that night and I'm sure the other adults in the room were wondering why I brought over a toy like that.

Then we finally got to the actually game on the Wii and the kids were sucked in immediately. You can see the intense look on their faces in the video. For a beginners shooter it was pretty cool. Player one has a pistol and player two has a shotgun. The game has puzzle sequnces where you need to use the inferad sensor on the gun. I also some cool variations on the bad guys and how to kill them. You are also given the oppertunity to upgrade your guns inbetween levels. Though I think it was just cosmetic, the kids didn't know the difference and it is a good basis to explain how to upgrade their when they're playing Modern Warfare next year. Watch the video now!

nerf n-strike elite
Nerf N-Strike Elite Bundle on sale now!


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