Nintendo 3DS Pedophile potential and Augmented Reality Gaming

By goukijones — September 30, 2010
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Warning Japanese girl in hot pants. Something called Augmented Reality Gaming and amazing technology that has 3DS's talking to each other.

If I wasn't going blind already at my age, I might be really excited about the 3DS and it's technology. I can barely see what's going on with my DSiXL. By the way if you're counting, this is like the umpteenth reiteration of the the Nintendo hand held "Gameboy." 3DS does have a ton of new technology, the Super Street Fighter IV "Walk by combat feature" is awesome and I had a similar idea for something like that months ago. The Augmented Reality Gameplay is really cool as well. Put a card on the table and all of the sudden there's a 3D hole there, with stuff popping out. *see second video The Kid Icarus game looks amazing and I remember playing the shit out of Paper Mario. Everybody loves Metal Gear ... right?

There's also tons of potential to pick up hot Japanese girls by just walking pass them, hoping they have a 3DS in their purse. *see second video. Mii connect oh boy. Look out for random pedophiles hanging out near Japanese super markets and junior high schools trying to share their Nintendogs with little girls. Awwww how cute ... would you like to scratch his nose? Here, use my stylus. Wink face.

Check out the games for the 3DS launch.

Japanese girl hot pants video. Featuring "Augmented Reality Gaming."

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