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CTA Digital has released a video demonstrating their new Bowling Ball peripheral.

The bowling ball doesn't have any real weight to it and you don't actually release the ball. Still a great concept, if you're a bowling fanatic and want the feeling of a REAL BALL in your hand. I'm done typing after, REAL BALL.

Bowling Ball For PlayStation Move

From CTA Digital: If you want a more realistic bowling experience while using the Move controller, you'll need CTA Digital's Bowling Ball for the PlayStation Move.

This ultra-realistic accessory looks and feels like the same ball you'd find in an actual bowling alley but with all the functions of a Move controller.

Simply insert the Move controller into the slot and you're ready to play!

The Bowling Ball for PlayStation Move is compatible with all Move bowling titles including High Velocity Bowling and Brunswick Pro Bowling and is also equipped for both right and left handed players.

It also features all the other buttons found on the Move Motion Controller as well as additional finger slots to accommodate smaller fingers. Now get ready to rack up those strikes!

PlayStation Move

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Release Date: Sep 17, 2010

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