Rage 2 Review An Open World Game, No Load Times, No XP And A Ton Of Fun!

By goukijones — July 2, 2019
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This is a game that I am recommending to you.

Rage 2 has been the first new game that I’ve played in a while that I really enjoyed.  I wasn’t expecting much, but the trailers for the game were getting me hype to play.  I did not like the first Rage and I don’t recommend it.  It felt very linear to me and I don’t mix well with hallway-esque gameplay.  Rage 2 however, is very different, it’s a beautifully open world.

How open is it?!  Well for some examples; I beat the game without even going to one region on the map. I then found 2 other towns after I had beaten the game. I love that the game is that open.  To be honest I was WAAAY over powered going into the final battle.  I wasn’t expecting it to be the end, but it was.  It was a little lackluster too for the final boss, not very challenging.  If I were to play through this game again, I would definitely raise the difficulty setting.  I played it on HARD and it was Too Easy….

The map is huge and has a very serious driving component to the game almost like Mad Max.  There are other people driving around who will challenge you to race, try to kill you and just completely steam roll you on the road.  You can take down giant convoys of vehicles in battles that can last the entire map.  If you’re trying to drive somewhere and come across one of the massive rigs and choose to chase, you’re going to end up in a completely different part of the world.  Which brings me to the load times.  There are none.  The game loads up at the beginning and that’s it.  There’s a few cutscenes here and there, but when you’re out in the world flying, shooting, driving, even adventuring down into random caves, the game does not load anything and that really allows you to become immersed in the environment. 

There’s no XP in the game.  You level up be venturing out further into the world.  You can find crates with weapon perk/points to upgrade a tree of options for each gun.  You can also buy items from vendors in towns and out on the road.  He drives around like the Ice Cream Man playing music.  With enough money or exploration you can level yourself and your guns up pretty easily.  In fact, so easy that in the Hard difficulty setting you can level up and beat the game quickly.  I imagine on the hardest setting it would take a little more tactical planning to level up and complete objectives.  I’m very interested in that.

Combat in the game is truly all out mayhem.  You eventually level up to this super soldier that can throw out shielded wall in front of you.  Double jump!  Dash from left to right.  Jump up in the air and come crashing down, knocking armor off and blasting enemies backwards. There’s a lot of Mass Effect feel here with a little bit Deus Ex mixed in.  It’s a ton of fun.  I put in over 30 hours in the game and that includes beating it in under 16 hours.  Rage 2 is worth the money.  Buy it!

Stay tuned for my ultimate hardcore nightmare difficulty run on Gouki.tv coming soon.

You can order Rage 2 from Amazon or GameStop.

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