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This is a game that I am recommending to you.

Rage 2 has been the first new game that I’ve played in a while that I really enjoyed.  I wasn’t expecting much, but the trailers for the game were getting me hype to play.  I did not like the first Rage and I don’t recommend it.  It felt very linear to me and I don’t mix well with hallway-esque gameplay.  Rage 2 however, is very different, it’s a beautifully open world.

How open is it?!  Well for some examples; I beat the game without even going to one region on the map. I then found 2 other towns after I had beaten the game. I love that the game is that open.  To be honest I was WAAAY over powered going into the final battle.  I wasn’t expecting it to be the end, but it was.  It was a little lackluster too for the final boss, not very challenging.  If I were to play through this game again, I would definitely raise the difficulty setting.  I played it on HARD and it was Too Easy….

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Prey 2 Officially cancelled, not delayed

By: BatRastered Oct 30, 2014 | 0 Comments

Well, now it's official...

Yup, it's really cancelled. After 2 years of denials abou the status of this project, Bethesda confirms in a CNET interview at PAX Australia.

GoukiJones and I had seen some impressive demos of this game and were looking forward to its (eventual) release.




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The Elder Scrolls Online gets a release date

By: BatRastered Dec 12, 2013 | 0 Comments

PC in April, Next-Gen in June.

The Elder Scrolls Online will be hitting your PC on April 4, 2014. It is tentatively slated to come to a PS4/XB1 near you in June 2014.

The Elder Scrolls Online Logo

Bethesda recently released a video about character progression which looked pretty cool. The game is currently in beta, but Jimmys can't talk about that.

Here's another trailer that shows... well, I'm not sure what honestly, but it's got the release dates at the end and that's all I cared about. Enjoy.


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Bethseda Booth E3 2013 GJ vs FNJ Exclusive Video

By: goukijones Jun 30, 2013 | 1 Comments

GoukiJones & FnJimmy talk about how Bethesda can't keep FnJimmy awake. Plus a shout out to MNO. Fukkaboi! E3 2013.

2 years in a row Bethesda sticks us in dark cold room & shows us 3 extremely slow videos. They say they are actual gameplay with some Jimmy playing in the next room. Why is he playing in the next room? Because he is playing the same demo about 10 times a day & you guys decided to just tape the shit instead, who would know?

The Wolfenstein was a god damn nightmare. 15 minutes spent in a dialog combat scenario or some shit, I was barely paying attention. I was more focused on this sexy milf sitting in the row in front of me & the nuab next to her, wondering if he was railing her in some secret location of the L.A. convention center that I had no idea of. 

Then there was something from the director of Resident Evil 2. This game looked way worse than RE2. I mean, it looked the exact same, just way worse. Fixed cameras, running around & doing puzzles & shit. The game looked like it was made in 1996. There was a whole scene of you just running away from some chainsaw monster. The entire thing was so scripted, I couldn't see how you could fail at this. The monster even sees the guy at 1 point. Dumb.

There's was 10 minutes of the Skyrim MMO, but I can't remember any of that. Then we got let out into the demo area where you could play Wolfenstein - NO - or the Skyrim MMO. I walked over the MMO & it looked just like I imagined it. Skyrim graphics & some nuab running around killing shit to get XP with other Jimmys in the same world. 

C'mon Bethesda, where is Prey 2? That was 2 years ago!

Thanks for watching & reading. 

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