Somewhat Combat Video "Final Fantasy XVI"

By goukijones — December 13, 2022
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Looks an awful like Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XVI is coming from the same director of Final Fantasy XIV. Are you surprised that the games look similar? I am and I am not. I’m not surprised that Square Enix thinks it can push out a quick Final Fantasy game using the same assets from another Final Fantasy game. Look at Final Fantasy Crisis Core, I still don’t get what that game is. I watched a stream the other night and there was a lot of talking. A lot. Forget all that, how’s the combat? The combat looks very active, but we don’t get to see too much of it during this trailer. We still don’t get to the HUD and how the combat actually works. What is this, I can turn into a summons and fight other summons? For the record I’m all over this game when it does come out. I love the Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI Gouki Box Art

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Release Date: Jun 22, 2023

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