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Just a closed beta experience.

SugarNinjaLV has never been more upset to play a video game.  It didn’t take long to hear her opinion of the steering options.  I don’t blame her.  I understand driving games.  But I’ve been saying since I began teaching her how to play video games, that we need to play a good driving game. That way she could get more experience with the controller.  The Crew 2 is probably not the game for her.

I’ve seen this same “glitch” in Fortnite.  Sugar and I play side-by-side and in Fortnite it shows our characters in their full outfit on each other's screens, but it’s not our personalized edited versions, it’s just the default.  So don’t be fooled people, those customizations are still just personal.

There are a bunch of challenges spread around the map for your finish.  We tried to do all of the street races we could, but they always seemed to take place at night and it was very hard to see.  I couldn’t find a brightness adjustment in the menu, I needed it badly.  Even a day later, when I played a little by myself, it seemed I was always racing at night.

The game abruptly took us to the store to offer the $100 version of the game.  Sugar’s reaction is priceless.  Yes, welcome to garbage upgrade versions that just include virtual items and currency. 

The final take here is that we will be skipping The Crew 2.  Thank you to Ubisoft for hooking us up with Beta Access.  But it’s a no from

Thank you for reading.

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The Crew 2

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