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By genxsis83 — April 3, 2012
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Could this be true? PC/Mac legenadary developer Blizzard and console pro's Capcom make our dreams come true!

Like the collaboration with Tekken there will be two games released by each company.


Blizzard developed Blizzard X Capcom will actually be.

Diablo X Capcom

An Action RPG will all the loot and monsters of the legendary Diablo series but with a more modern setting and Capcom playable characters such as Cammy, Megaman and Bionic Commando.

Expect the game to be very good and released when it's done.  Meaning early 2013 to late 2025.  Expect plenty of delays and rumors but the game will be awesome!

Only for the PC and Mac

If you subscribe to WoW for 5 years you can get access to the beta as well ^^


The Capcom side will be a fighting game called

Capcom X Starcraft

Expect characters like Jim Rayner, Kerrigan and Zeratul from the Starcraft side and the regular cast from the Capcom side.

Surprisingly this game will be released in the next six months as a donwloadable game and will be rereleased updated ever 3 months until Diablo X Capcom is released.

The initial game will be 15 dollars and the come with 10 total characters and 5 stages.  Each subsequent DLC will cost 10 dollars.  Capcom does promise that they will work hard on the initial release and that it will be a full game. 


Which one are you guys more excited for??


I could care less for Capcom X Starcraft but Diablo X Capcom will be my most anticipated game of 2020!!


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