The "Nintendo" Christmas Tree 2022

By goukijones — December 25, 2022
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Merry Mario Christmas!

When GrrrtyGirl saw the Nintendo Super Star tree topper she asked “What if I made a Nintendo Christmas tree?” Encouragement was not needed. We began to collect Nintendo and similar ornaments. Even Gaston makes an appearance. Does she have a thing for him? The little Super Nintendo comes from Hallmark and even plays a theme like you are running through a level on Super Mario World. We got a little Sega Genesis and it plays Sonic music. These are great!  All of the other Marios, Bowsers, little shells and coins, all came from Hallmark. On different visits. Look, the Hallmark is cool. We also have a WWE tree. More on that later. We mixed in our Nintendo Lego Collection. Bowser is super annoyed by the lights so he’s taking a bite out of them. Lookout Bowser, don’t get electrocuted. Even some Slimes, Moogles, and Chocobos are visiting the Christmas tree. Merry Christmas from!


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