WWE Night of Champions 2011 AI Prediction Matches w/ SDvR2011

By goukijones — September 14, 2011
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Featuring all the matches from the PPV as of 9/15/2011. Exclusive custom Air Boom Titantron and intro. Exclusive Alex Riley CAWs and intro. CM Punk VS Triple H & John Cena VS Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Championship. Unprecedented match order!

This was a very simple PPV to simulate. All of the titles are on the line(No IC match at the time of this article.) There is no title on the line for the CM Punk VS Triple H match, but that's just a no DQ and that was easy as well. Yes that is a custom CM Punk intro with his new music and static bursts. Lets get to the card shall we. As always I put the matches in order that I think they will go on the actual Night of Champions PPV.

Tag Team Championship Air Boom VS The Miz & R-Truth. I superimposed that Titantron in there for Air Boom, but you can only see it for a few seconds, so you have to pay attention. Shout to WWE's YouTube channel for posting the Titantron the same day I was editing these videos. R-Truth & The Miz's intro; I captured the "You can't handle the truth" right off the TV. Then I just added The Miz's music right after, similar to Air Boom's style. FYI SDvR2011 does not have the new tag belts, I already know.

Added 9-17-2011 ‚Äč Intercontinental Championship Ted Dibiase VS Cody Rhodes. The Cody Rhodes is a CAWs we got off the share thread. We added the music and then dubbed in the announcer saying his name. The Dibiase is the original from the games release. Personally I don't think he's gonna come out to the Money titantron on Sunday because that's the old gimmick. 

US Championship 4 Way Dance Alex Riley VS Dolph Ziggler VS John Morrison VS Jack Swagger. Our Alex Riley CAW's was originally DL'd from the Superstars share list, but we have since tweaked him. We've got his correct hometown now(Nubfarn FnJimmy) and his music. "Say it to my face!"

Diva's Championship Kelly Kelly VS Beth Phoenix. I always put the Diva's matches early, but never first. The WWE always like to mix it up early. I expect Air Boom to come out to get the crowd pumped up. Nobody's pumped to see Beth Phoenix, except FnJimmy.

World Heavyweight Championship Randy Orton VS Mark Henry. This match has to happen before Cena's or Punk's match. I'm looking forward to Randy Orton losing IRL.

WWE Championship John Cena VS Alberto Del Rio. This was hard for me to put in this spot, but I gotta take a risk here. ADR is not that big of a draw and if he's just going to beat(cheat) Cena and get the win, they ending the show on that would be pointless. 

CM Punk VS Triple H. How could they end the Night of Champions PPV with a non-title match? Easy you put CM Punk & Triple H in a match. The WWE thinks this is the hottest thing going. They're wrong. I'm interested in the outcome of some of these matches, but I'm not excited. Who cares who wins this one?

So now this story has also turned into my predictions/rant about Night of Champions as well. Awwwwwesome! I'm excited about this PPV. Thanks for watching these videos and reading my takes. Please Vote, Comment and Share. WWWYKI DBAJ!

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[UPDATED] Sep 18, 2011 12:45:24 PM

Sep 18, 2011 by goukijones

As of 9/18 BEFORE Night of Champions the AI Prediction matches are 27 correct out of 54. Exactly 50%. Don't be a Jimmy!


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