WWE SummerSlam 2011 AI Prediction Matches John Cena VS CM Punk

By goukijones — August 13, 2011
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SummerSlam PPV AI Prediction matches are in. CM Punk VS John Cena was a little challenging. Also new music for Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan edited in. These videos are made using the AI. We do not play during the match or edit the match.

Only 5 matches have been officially announced for SummerSlam, the WWE must think they can sell PPV with just a C-Lo Green concert promised to us. Sad face. The first two matches were guessing will be added to the card during the PPV.

Ezekiel Jackson VS Cody Rhodes

The Cody Rhodes intro was filmed twice so I could swap the audio. I had to swap the audio because the Cody you see in our video is a CAWs.

Alex Riley VS Dolph Ziggler

Alex Riley is a CAWs and we've added the custom music.

Wade Barrett VS Daniel Bryan

The Wade Barrett is DLC and his entrance music was added in post production. Daniel Bryan is a CAWs we DLd and tweaked. His NEW music was also added in post production. 

Beth Phoenix VS Kelly Kelly

Sheamus VS Mark Henry

Randy Orton VS Christian

John Cena VS CM Punk

We had to do a lot of post production here. We filmed two different entrances so we could have John Cena and CM Punk both come out with the belt and the announcer would call them both WWE Champion. Added in CM Punk's new theme and the 2 static bumps at the beginning. Good stuff.

Please leave any questions or comments below. Don't be a Jimmy!

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