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Mad Catz has released parts to change your FightStick so it is compatible for Mortal Kombat. The Top Panel includes a new button layout and new artwork. A separate bundle includes new buttons. Opening your FightStick will void your warranty.

MadCatz just announced the Combat FightStick Top Panel. Obviously there are some licensing issues, because MadCatz is really trying to tell you this panel is for use with Mortal Kombat, without actually saying Mortal Kombat. That's cool right? Check out the new lay out:

Combat FightStick top panel 002

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St Patrick's Day weekend, and Gearbox is running a special Luck of the Zaffords promotion. What did we find? Not what we were expecting, but we did get some video of two loot goon goliaths going at each other.

Gearbox announced that all this weekend, from Thursday through Sunday, we would have increased drop rates and better quality shields. They also gave out codes to some green costumes. I ran through Thousand Cuts once by myself, and then once with Zero2990,  then once with FnJimmy and GoukiJones. I seemed to find a lot of blue class mods, but nothing else of note. Zero even tweeted: "@GearboxSoftware 1 purple in 3 days and 0/100 on The Bee drop. I think your event is broken." 

After the last run through, GoukiJones, FnJimmy, and I hit up Frostburn Canyon to see about getting a loot goon to drop something. We ended up getting 3 of them! At one point we had two loot goons fighting each other. After leveling a couple of them up to GOD-liath status, we were met with nothing but green and white items in the chests (and one blue gun dropped).

We also fought several bosses including the Bunker, Scorch, and Spycho. The Bunker dropped a Bitch SMG (non-elemental so I wasn't interested) and a fairly good purple explosive nova shield. Shorch and Spycho dropped nothing. Nada. Zilch.

I think once your character hits the level cap, the game should scale the weapon rarity and not drop any whites anymore. It's bad enough that the vending machines are full of white gear... I'm level 50, bitch, have been for some time now, I don't even look at drops unless they're blue or better. Come on!

I'm dying for a level cap increase now, allegedly they will announce something at PAX east, but that may be too late as Bioshock comes out that week!

Capcom staff members, Ryota Niitsuma and Seth Killian, dished some interesting Marvel vs. Capcom 3 details at New York Comic-Con 2010.

Gameplay info and modes

• Tag ins are much faster than they were in Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and are now overhead attacks (must be blocked high). You can't really combo after connecting with a tag in, but there may be some exceptions to this.

• As previously mentioned, tag ins are still performed by holding one of the Assist buttons.

• There will be a Trials (Challenges) mode in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, similar to the one that was in Super Street Fighter 4. While SSF4's trials were very difficult, MvC3's will be geared towards getting players familiar with the characters and preparing them to play against other people.

• The game no longer shows the amount of damage done in combos. The team wanted to keep MvC3 more like MvC2, and when they had the damage numbers in there, it just didn't feel right, so they took them out.

• The developers have expanded the ability to combo after throwing your opponent. This isn't overly easy to do, but it's more common now than it was before.

• Some of the cast members do not have levels 3 Supers right now, but they all have three different Supers. It's still being decided if everyone will get a Level 3 or not.

• There will be taunts in the game, every character has one so far. These are performed by pressing the Select button.

• Complete button configuration is available, like in every Capcom fighting game, so you can layout your buttons however you want. One of the defaults you can select is an MvC2-styled layout.

• The MvC3 character balancing process is handled by the Battle Director, primarily, but he also consults with Niitsuma-san and Capcom USA staff, including Seth Killian, to get input on balancing the game.

Characters and misc. details

• Some of the character models have been improved since you first saw them in-game. Characters like Dante and Deadpool were fairly far along when they were shown, but others have received numerous touch ups.

• Niitsuma said he doesn't like to deconfirm characters because he doesn't want to say that a character won't be in the game when they may end up being in there after all. Also, deconfirming characters could lead to knowing the roster through a process of elimination.

• Capcom never had plans to add in any Monster Hunter characters to MvC3. Marvel had some characters that were off the table from the very start, but this is a contract thing and Niitsuma couldn't elaborate on it.

• The original proposal from Capcom was to have Stan Lee in the game, but Marvel is handling that side of things, so Niitsuma wasn't sure if he'd show up.

Simple Mode

• Seth Killian very much emphasized that Simple Mode won't give an advantage to expert players. Balance was definitely a concern when they were creating this, so Capcom has designed it so that it cannot be abused by people who know what they're doing.

• An example Seth gave is that Dante has around 40 special moves, in Simple Mode he has access to 4 of them. Simple Mode only has one Super per character as well.

• Simple Mode will be available online. You might be able to block people who are using it though, but this hasn't been decided yet.

• One of the reasons Simple Mode was added to the game is that some fighters were difficult to play, so they added in a mode so even new players could jump in and try these characters out.

Future plans and next MvC3 Fight Club

• Capcom will have the next Fight Club at a location they've never hosted one at before. Seth is 90% sure that Wesker, Tron Bonne, Spider-man and X-23 will be playable there. This event will happen on October 28, 2010.

• Once the console versions of MvC3 are complete, they'll consider doing a arcade port of the game. Again, they're only going to consider it — it may not happen.

• They're looking into making a Collector's Edition for both the USA and Japan.

• A demo is still up in the air at this point.

X-Factor System

• Seth warned that the X-Factor system has been one of those things that is constantly changing, so keep in mind a lot of this stuff could be different by the time the game is released.

• When you activate X-Factor, the game takes into account how much life you have with your remaining player(s). It's more powerful if you use it when all of your other characters are dead, as the less life you have the longer it lasts.

• Also, X-Factor gradually restores your Red (regenerable) portion of life.

• It cannot be activated while you're getting hit, which is unlike the Mega Crash system in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

• You can Cancel your own move with X-Factor, it returns you to a neutral state where you can pull off combos that wouldn't otherwise be possible. An example used was Canceling Iron Man's Proton Cannon Hyper and then going into another Proton Cannon Hyper.

• X-Factor works the same for all of the characters — there are no unique properties depending on who you activate it with.

Music and voices

• The 'Take You For a Ride' song is officially back.

• As previously mentioned, the dialogue the characters speak will change depending on the situation and which teammates you choose.

• Marvel characters will only have English voice actors, but users can select between Japanese and English voices for the Capcom fighters.

• An external team outside of Capcom is creating the music for this game. This team used to work on Capcom games, but is now their own outlet. The person in charge of X-23's song didn't work for Capcom, but was asked to do work for SSF4.

John Z also typed up these notes from Ryota Niitsuma.

One issue we couldn't finish our time with Niitsuma without addressing is one of balance - Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was scarily unbalanced, with only a handful of characters seeing any play at the top level, and although there's a focus on keeping this fun and accessible, the team seems to agree that it still needs to be balanced well.

"I don't think you can have too many characters. It's just a matter of budget and planning. I'd think something like 40 would be quite a lot," he muses, perhaps hinting at a final tally. Regardless, we assume he's heard the balancing question before, as his answers ready almost before we're done asking.

"It's been a decade since MvC2 so there have been millions of people playing hundreds of hours, which obviously exceeds any [quality assurance] team on the planet. But we have learned from it and researched other titles extensively. We think we've got all the important points in place, so hopefully when we release MvC3, it'll feel a lot more balanced than MvC2 was."


Tell us what  you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!


FnJimmy and I love to battle it out on Marvel VS Capcom. Here's our series of matches from 7-4-2011. I've added some bonus commentary, hope you Jimmys enjoy it.

Team GoukiJones(Dormammu, Tron Bonne and Hsien-Ko) VS Team FnJimmy (Zero, Hulk, and Ryu)

Get a first hand look at GoukiJones' screen dominating Dormammu and the litteraly railing errrrr drilling of Tron Bonne combos and air juggles. 

Witness FnJimmys unbelievable turtle powers and cheese supremacy. How's the heavy punch button with hulk? WTF.

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4 - Controversy!

Series 5 - Great Finish.

Series 6 - Controversy!

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Persona Set To Drop on PSP Sept. 22

By: jalexbrown Sep 17, 2009 | 3 Comments

Atlus is dropping Persona onto the PSP in America on Sept. 22

So if you're an RPG gamer, you might know a little something about the Shin Megami Tensei games.  Made by Atlus, these games are rare and obscure - almost mythological - on the Western side of the world due to their low print numbers and tremendous price inflation.  It's not exactly new for Atlus to reprint their out-of-print games (this has been done in the last year with both Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga, both for the Playstation 2).  However, the original Revelations: Persona is far and above the most looked-for game in the Shin Megami Tensei lineup, and it's second only to Tactics Ogre in the entire Atlus collection.  It wouldn't be at all uncommon for a complete copy of the original PSX hit to sell for over $100, sometimes going as high as $150.  So imagine the shock when Atlus announced that they would be porting their second-hand hit to the PSP, placing the game back on store shelves and selling it at a $40 price tag.  Further more, Atlus is also going to be putting the game up on the Playstation Network for $40.  Now the game that was once considered impossible to find is going to be in regular print and available at any local Gamestop/EB Games.

The PSP version is going to contain a completely relocalized script, a new (or redesigned) user interface, new musical tracks in the soundtrack, balance adjustments, all-new animation sequences by the animator of Devil May Cry 3, and new voice overs.  In addition to all that, the retail version (as opposed to the PSN version) will contain the entire game's two-disk soundtrack.  In traditional Atlus fashion, however, the soundtrack will only be included for a limited time.

The game is launching on both in retail and on the PSN simultaneously on September 22.

Rocksteady is back & they are bringing the M!

I can only imagince Batman gonna be railing fools left & right!

Don't be a Jimmy! Save on these Deals! NOTE: THIS ONLINE PROMOTION IS ONLY VALID FROM SEPT. 9 - SEPT. 14, 2010!

9/9 - 9/14: Mad Catz Sale - 20-30% FightSticks + $100 F/S Round 2 TE!



This weekend, Mad Catz (MarkMan) will be wandering around Universal Studios in Hollywood for the World Cyber Games US Qualifiers ! We are supporting the competitive gaming scene and want to see America's hopefuls do well for the grand finals later this month!

We're also running a special deal to commemorate our partnership with Super Battle Opera Qualifiers! Right now on our GameShark Store, take advantage of 20-30% off all fighting game related products! Use coupon code SUPERWCG (case sensitive) for 20% off all new Super Street Fighter IV Arcade FightSticks and FightPads (excludes the NEW Chun-Li TE "S")! Use coupon code WCGUSA for even more savings with 30% off all fighting game related products (excluding parts & Super SFIV products).

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These promos expire end of day Tuesday, Sept. 14th!

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Also follow MarkMan on twitter for a chance to get some free swag (shirts, sticks, keychains + more) while at the event!

Hello everyone! MarkMan here with another discount for the gaming community <3 !

There will be another special Mad Catz Store ( ) promotion going on this week/weekend!

We will be doing 20-30% off certain products!

The 20%* OFF Super Street Fighter IV includes the following... CODE = SUPERWCG

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  • Street Fighter IV "Round 2" Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition for PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360

WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE our NEW range of Mad Catz FightStick Parts. Currently we have dust cover sets (with the arrowed design) and bezels for the Tournament Edition sticks. With MORE to come!


  • FightStick Parts - Dust Cover Set (13 different colors)
  • FightStick Parts - Bezel (13 different colors)
  • Sanwa JLF Joystick (Pre-Order)
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Here are some shots of what the parts look like on a stick...

Also NEW to our web store is the LIMITED EDITION shirt inspired by legendary fighting game player, Daigo "THE BEAST" Umehara...


  • Team Mad Catz T-Shirt (Available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL)

For a shirt size chart, please reference this link.

* Offer available to continental US residents only (Sorry International buyers! Plan ahead and see if a US buddy can help you with this deal)!
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Editorial: Square-Enix - Why I Love 'em, Why I Hate 'em

By: jalexbrown Mar 26, 2010 | 6 Comments

Just a little bit of my venting about Square-Enix - why I love 'em and why I hate 'em.

I want to talk to you, Dear Reader, about something that I've discussed at some lengths before (although not on here): Square-Enix.  Most of my friends can tell you my favorite developer/publisher without hesitation; some of them will say it and then roll their eyes as if it's an embarassment, while others will say it with some enthusiasm.  What my friends don't know - and what I'll share here, probably for the first time - is that I really have a love-hate relationship with Square-Enix.

If I may, allow me to share a little history: my first Square-Enix game was Final Fantasy VII, back in the glory days when Square and Enix were competitors and not one-in-the-same.  I remember how perplexed I was the first time I played the game, because my gaming history prior had been rather sketchy; I was, indeed, lost in the intricicies of the game.  The story was overwhelmingly epic in scope and scale, and the gameplay was likewise adorned with more features than you could shake a stick at.  And I remember playing through the game and discovering things about the story and the gameplay, and I remember how apsects of the gameplay that had perplexed me suddenly becoming part of my strategy.  I still have a somewhat fond recollection of the moment when I mastered the Materia system; from that moment on, the whole game was never the same again.  That sense of discovery was the driving factor.  The game became a constant quest to find the next nook or cranny, to find that one little thing I'd not realized; it was all about strategy building.  And you want to know something?  It was fantastic.

You see, that was what Squaresoft was good at: creating those elements of discovery both in plot and gameplay.  After the merger with Enix, I'd somewhat abandoned hope in their ability to recreate that sense of discovery.  The games became utterly monotonous and repetitive.  Well, that's not quite fair: the games had always been monotonous and repetitive, but that discovery process did a good job of covering up that fact.  Well, guess what?  Enter Final Fantasy XIII.  Yes, this game has - and still is; I'm not done with it yet - rekindled that flame of discovery.  I know, I know; I went into Final Fantasy XIII thinking it was somewhat shallow, but as the game progresses, you realize exactly how much you didnt' know when you started.  That Paradigm Deck - that thing that you started off thinking wouldn't be very important - became a central part of combat strategy.  And that Crystalium system, that thing you gave little thought to in the beginning?  Well, now I can spend more than ten minutes just contemplating where and how to spend those points.  That's the curve set up by the game, I believe with all of my heart and soul that it was intentional on the part of Square-Enix.  In fact, I just believe it's splendid design at work.

So Square-Enix can design a complex, multi-layered experience, but I'm sure you all knew that much.  And you already know that they have a knack for choosing which games are most in need of rereleases (assuming you overlook their excessive releasing of the first two Final Fantasy games, that is).  They have a near-divine ability to figure out where - and indeed, when - to release sequels to their properties.  Well....yeah, about that...

Now I get to vent my frustration with Square-Enix: Kingdom Hearts.  Now, I admit that the first Kingdom Hearts grabbed me with its charm, even if it did lack wit or depth (and it was certainly horrible in the subtlety department, but that could be a whole other Editorial in itself).  But really, once I got over the charm, Kingdom Hearts was a steaming pile; yes, despite the fact that some very rabbid fanboys will tell you it's a great, it's just not.  Next to the SaGa games - Unlimted SaGa: also another entire Editorial in and of itself - I've never so much wished Square-Enix would just put a property to rest.  And that was before the second one had even been released.  So here comes Kingdom Hearts 2, and I'm like: "Yeah, this'll be the end of it."  And then what?  A PSP game and a DS game?  What?!?!?  How absurd; how incredibly absurd.  Well, at that point I'm starting to reevaluate Square-Enix as a developer.  Final Fantasy XIII may have done so much to redeem them in my eyes, but then I read that Kingdom Hearts 3 is - allegedly, mind you - in the works.  Oh, but has to get worse, because Kingdom Hearts 3 was to be expected, unfortunately.  Oh yes, it gets much worse: how about an annual installment in the Kingdom Hearts franchise?  Now, I wasn't a particularly camper when Kingdom Hearts 2 came out, and I was downright fed up when the DS game came out.  But if they follow through with this annual installment crap: that'll be The End, Game Over; yes, that will be the point when Square-Enix can kiss my hard-earned money good bye.

So please, Square-Enix, I beg you to listen to my pleading.  I'll compromise: make Kingdom Hearts 3, but please put the series to rest after that.  It's not cute or charming anymore; now it's just annoying.  It's like that girl that you take on a date and then don't want to see anymore, but she just won't stop calling you.  The novelty and the charm are dead, Square-Enix, so just get over it already and move on.

Oh, and one more thing if you don't mind: if you do decide to move on, please spare my wallet and don't make anything as abysmal as Infinite Undiscovery or Last Remnant.  You're still a talented developer, and I see no reason for your quality releases to be so sporadic.  Hit Star Ocean, keep hitting Final Fantasy, for Christ's sakes team up with Monolith and hit Xenogears one last time, but if there is a divine power watching over the gaming industry, let me make it perfectly clear: NO MORE KINGDOM HEARTS.

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Another Nuki Story! This one is about SAKO

By: iorilamia Feb 2, 2011 | 4 Comments

cccloner99 brings us another translation on the past of todays famous players.

First 2 videos here in-case you missed it, Nuki speaking about his up-comings,meeting Daigo and how they grew together

On Youtube cccloner99 has translated another Nuki Story! This time it is about Sakonoko, the famous Camy/Rose player and Vampire Saviour master. These stories are pretty amazing because it's stuff that you don't hear in interviews or websites. Enjoy the video below about Sako's up and coming fame along with him bodying the "Ume-Nuki" team. What do you think about this one?


Video from

original un-translated  video

Now that's limited ....

You know you love that music Jimmy!

You can pre-order on that Amazon right now! Allegedly


Story Image

Portal 2 Wheatley voiced by Stephen Merchant

By: BatRastered Aug 24, 2010 | 3 Comments

Stephen Merchant is announced as the voice of Wheatley, an orb who accompanies you through your missions.

You may remember Stephen Merchant from the Ricky Gervais show (or podcast).

Check out the video, the new lighting effects are amazing.

What is about the Phantom Pain that has got me so excited to play a Metal Gear game seriously for the first time ever?

Reason #1 is I've never really beaten any Metal Gear game or even really played one if you want to get technical.  I always hated the controls on PlayStation.  I'm not going to say that I thought it was too hard, well at least it looked to hard so I didn't want to waste my time.

In this new launch trailer get a look at all the Metal Gears I've never played.  Some of them look cool, no doubt, but it just never interested me.  Not like this one does.  The end of this trailer looks like a lot of fun.

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