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Bleach Soul Resurrection thank you Nippon Ichi

By: DragonKiss83 May 14, 2011 | 6 Comments

I've been waiting to be able to play as some of my favorite characters and this time it's an action game instead of a basic fighter. Let the Hype begin!

It's coming to the US in August!

This takes place during the Arancar arc.  You will have 21 characters to play as and that is also giving you 2nd releases for the Arancar.  Even better this isn't just a fight game, it's an action game.  You can upgrade your characters using a sphere grid.  And even unlock new abilities.  I actually downloaded a Japanese demo for this over a month ago and it is a short chunk of a level, but it was a ton of fun.  I was even going to import it until I saw this.  The easiest thing to compare it to would be Dynasty Warriors.  You run around and kill hollows and eventually Arancars.  And in the demo you are Ichigo in Bankai, but in the full game you will be able to play as characters like Rukia, Toshiro, and Ulquiorra, plus a bunch more.  I am super hyped for this to finally be an English game on the PS3.

Are there any fans of the anime or manga here?  Any of you play on the Wii, DS, or PSP?  Who has imported any of the games?  Maybe just want to try the game without being a fan of the show?


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Disgaea 4 Video is here

By: DragonKiss83 May 13, 2011 | 6 Comments

Finally an english video..

And we get to see some more about the game.  We won't get to play it until September, but if you are a fan you are already dying to play it.  They mention a map editor and map sharing over psn.  Hopefully it will be working by then :( . And create your own pirate ship.  Hell yeah!  And interacting with your friends, this will be epic.  And now you can fuse monsters into giant monsters, then into giant weapons.  It looks like they have added a lot to the series.


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Developers are getting PSN back

By: DragonKiss83 May 13, 2011 | 11 Comments

Could we take this as a good sign?


Giant Bomb has confirmed that developers have some access to PSN back.  They can't create new accounts, but this is a start.

"As developers are able to bypass the login screen, shooters have been largely okay; those games connect to servers running independent of PSN. Games that access the friends list do not have the same option."


Hopefuly the rest of us will be back online soon enough.

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How do games make you feel?

By: DragonKiss83 May 11, 2011 | 7 Comments

Have you ever been relieved a character survived? Upset that one died?

Since it was decided that games are art ( I've been thinking a lot about the connections we as gamers make with the characters we play as.  With movies you want to see the hero save the day, you look forward to the bad guy getting their ass kicked, you watch the nerd get the girl, this is all done to draw you in.  The same concept applies to music making you feel calm or amped up.  Or the pictures and paintings that make you feel pity for the most defenseless people and animals, or all hot and bothered about some hot guy or girl.  It's all about a connection.  You'll pay for something that appeals to you.  Video games go for this as well.

Hero that saves the day?

There are tons of times where at the end of the game you save the world.  And you feel proud you helped.  The harder the fight, the higher the stakes, the better you feel when you win.

And many of us were moved by the death of a character.

Sometimes you see the death coming, sometimes you don't.

These are just a few examples, but there are so many more.  When is the last time a game got a response from you?  How many scenes from a game are etched in your brain?  let's hear it.

And let's not forget even our systems get an emotional response sometimes.

BlazBlue character set to get dirty?

Noel Vermillion may be getting ready to show some skin.

Mai Shiranui will be there also.

It's a special kind of strategy RPG being brought to Japan by Namco Bandai, for some reason I don't see it making it to the US.  If you notice that the game has a panic button you might understand why we won't get it over here.  

This is another game adaptation of the anime Queen's Blade.

source http://blazblue-star-noel-vermillion-is-in-queens-gate-spiral-chaos

And here is a video for the game.

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Duke Nukem First Access PSN Ready?

By: DragonKiss83 May 10, 2011 | 12 Comments

If I miss this because PSN is down I'm going to be pissed.

Hello First Access Member!

Thank you again for pre-order Duke Nukem Forever and/or purchasing Borderlands Game of the Year Edition to become a First Access Member! Please help us obtain the most accurate up to date information for your First Access profile.

Please follow the link below and re-confirm your preferred platform of choice for the Duke Nukem Forever demo. You will need to confirm your information by Sunday May 15, 2011.

Users that currently live in a territory where the demo may not be supported on console will automatically be defaulted to the PC Steam option*.

Thanks again for your help and cooperation,
Gearbox Software

*Platform availability and eligibility is subject to local laws and regulations.

This showed up in my inbox today, but instead of being hyped I'm worried.  All this PSN crap has been enough of a headache, and it looks to get worse.

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A few more scraps for X-Men Destiny

By: DragonKiss83 May 9, 2011 | 6 Comments

With Silicon Knights keeping the game very close those of us looking foe details have little to go on.

Acording to Denis Dyack from Silicon Knights that's just how he wants it.

But there are still some bits that make their way out.

This little teaser shot hints at three playable characters.  Aimi Yoshida has got the most attention.

But while looking around online I found this.

Showing a male character in action.

We also see Quicksilver




And there has been talk about Woverine, Cyclops, and Emma Frost, Pyro, Nightcrawler, and Magneto in part because of the and other sites had a decent trailer.

And an official site that when you follow it to face books mentions that there is more comming at E3.

So far this is all I've found, but it's enough to start people off on all different topics.  Making decisions that team you up or put you against the X-Men was confirmed.  And Late 2011 for a date.  Hopefully there will be some worthwile info from E3 to hold us over.

What do you want to see?  Do you want more characters?  Some footage of the combat system?  More info about the other 2 characters you can play as?  Let's here it.


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Best Kinect Peripheral ever

By: DragonKiss83 May 8, 2011 | 6 Comments

if you are a total jimmy

At first it looked like a joke, but they have a price of $13 for it on Amazon.  First of all I'm sure your mom will think you look very cool sitting on her couch with this.  Second it's fot the Kinect, an add on that was designed to keep you from having to use a controller.  WTF?  The saddest part is you know they are going to sell a ton of these stupid things.  


And just incase you can't live with out it

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So here are the bribes for Transformers Dark of the Moon

By: DragonKiss83 May 7, 2011 | 5 Comments

It looks like Transformers has lined up some pretty decent incentives to order early.

Sideswipe is your Gamestop reward.

Ratchet comes from Amazon.

Get the Wii or DS version anywhere and you get toys Bumble bee for the Autobot version and Lockdown with the Decepticons.

A Bumblebee skin from Toys R Us on the 3DS version.

Deco skins for the Wii and DS version at Target.

A limited edition comic book from Kmart and Sears.

And an upgraded movie ticket from Bestbuy.

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Thanks for BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Limited Edition

By: DragonKiss83 May 6, 2011 | 15 Comments

Well my prize made it today and I just wanted to say thanks.

Well the week is over time to get on PSN.... nope.  What else can I do?  Hmm a package for me.  Who the hell is Erik Schmidt?  wait Las Vegas.  Hell Yeah it's here.   BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Limited Edition, thanks

Read full story...

Now that games are art here are some of the opening exhibits

After all the debate games have been excepted as a form of art.  And they have added a section to the Smithsonian just for games.  You can see Pac-Man, Super Mario Brothers 3, the Legend of Zelda, Doom 2, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, and a ton more.  Having games accepted like this has got them included in some grants for art programs even (as long as they are considered an art game) and it may finally help to get people to stop using them as scapegoats.  

Just think of all those times your parents gave you crap about playing games, you were studying art.

Source  they have a PDF with the full list.


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PS3 gets it's ass kicked

By: DragonKiss83 May 5, 2011 | 8 Comments

He says he got the yellow light of doom, but with PSN down I'm sure a few of you can enjoy this.

I suggest hitting mute as this guy is going to offend some of you possibly.

Desert Eagle tears the guts out of the PS3, but when he goes for an automatic you can tell he plays Call of Duty online.

thank you gamesradar

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