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DTB has been online for 14 years!

In 2023 DropTheBelt Fantasy Wrestling will have its 14 WrestleMania season. For 14 years has been collecting stats on all major WWE television shows and Pay-Per-Views (Now known as Premium Live Events). In 2019 DropTheBelt added Fantasy Leagues for NXT (A WWE developmental show) and AEW All Elite Wrestling. A new wrestling company ran by Tony Khan (His dad owns the Jacksonville Jaguars). This will be the fourth year scoring and tracking stats for those 2 new additions. DropTheBelt has over 16,000 players.

What is Fantasy Wrestling? Well the simple answer is it’s just like Fantasy Football or Fantasy Baseball. The classic fantasy sport. You and a group of friends get together and select players or in this case wrestlers for your team. Once everyone has drafted a team the season begins. Wrestling LIVE on TV. So it’s fun and very interactive with the show. You get points for winning a match of course. Winning Championships and defending. DropTheBelt has points happening all of the time and so you’re not just waiting for a match. There’s points for every segment of the show. You get points for chair shots, table shots, stipulations, talking on the mic, being interviewed, interrupting another wrestler's interview. There are hundreds of specialized rules on DropTheBelt.

So if you’re a fan of WWE and professional wrestling you should check it out. There’s a 30-day FREE TRIAL. No credit card required. The free trial gives 100% full access to every feature and every league on DropTheBelt. You can create a private league and invite up to 14 friends. They’d never have to pay a dime to play in a league where you are the commissioner. Plus you can join MatchMaking for free. DropTheBelt even has special games for each PPV/PLE and the WWE Royal Rumble. Now is the time to check it out. 

Use code: “Gouki” and subscribe at $9.99 or higher and get 1 free month. So you’ll get 3 months of Fantasy Wrestling for the price of 1! That’s the entire WrestleMania season!!

It's like Fantasy Football, but for WWE. enters its 7th WrestleMania season since the launch of our Fantasy Wrestling game on the internet.  For years we did it on paper and we decided to put it on the internet to make it easier for us to use.  The reaction from other wrestling fans about the site has been miraculous! now has over 12,000 users.  There are currently 393 active leagues for the WrestleMania 2018 season.  There is also 45 match made leagues active.  The matchmaking on the site is free.  You can also buy a commissionership and for one price you can play with as many friends as you like in one private league.

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You can join and start your own Fantasy Wrestling League right now for free. This new online game is the most exciting way to watch the WWE. Sign-up today and participate in our free beta.

DropTheBelt's Free Online Fatansy Wrestling League is designed for you and your friend to enjoy. It's easy to play, just sign-up for click the My Leagues button and form a league. It's gonna take at least 2 people to form a league, but from there you can set your own limit of teams and how many Superstars or Diva's are on each team. Even name your teams!

Organize a draft and input your team into the DropTheBelt league manager. From there scores and team totals will be auto populated after each show. FAA is also available through the site. All you have to do is sit back and watch. We keep score for you. You can see all of the great scenarios that you can get points for here, in our official Rule Book.

We encourage you to write stories on as well. Whether it be Pro-Wrestling news, a blog or perhaps something to pump up your league. Discuss trading or even new rules to add to the game. Please enjoy our new Fantasy Wrestling Online Game and Don't be a Jimmy!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.  A more detailed FAQ is on the way.

This is an exclusive LLC production. It will feature WWE Superstars and Divas. You can commission your own league or join an existing one. Please check it out and help us test our first ever game.

Build your own fantasy wrestling league on is an official "other" site that is dedicated to all things professional wrestling.

The Fantasy Wrestling game has been in predevelopment for over six months and is proud to announce that we will be having an online beta soon. I would like to encourage everyone to come check it out, especially if you are a fan of the WWE.

You can follow then end of our current season now on DropTheBelt. There you can also check out the Rule Book and see how we've been keeping score on the shows.

So get over to right now and register.


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