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Starting at 7AM on Tuesday & continuing -intermittently- thru out the day will be Halo 4. Watch Team UsUK & Team Gouki RAIP some Jimmys on the Live Stream.

PWNfest Tuesday November, 13 2012

Halo 4 & FF12

Watch live video from Show on TwitchTV

Tune in to our Halo 4 Live Show tomorrow. Please follow the channel to get updates via email every time Gouki is LIVE & believe me, it's a lot. I'll do a shot every time we lose a game.(No I won't.) *Special side note, you may see SOME FF12. You will definitely see it today. I'm working on a pro-tips guide. 

Party up. When you see King of Jimmys online raiping nuabs tomorrow, join up & lets play some big team. 

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Stop by & watch a little Borderlands 2 w/ GoukiJones & BatRastered. Trying to reach leve l 50. Looking for every Badass point. Answering Questions & taking requests.

The show will start around 11AM & go all day with some breaks for food & masturbation. 

On the menu today. Borderlands 2 & maybe some RE6. We'll have to see how the day goes. I'm so addicted to Borderlands 2 right now.

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The UPS man should be here around 11am on Tuesday. That's right, I have games delivered to my doorstep. Save gas Jimmy. Brink Blowout Tuesday 5/10/2011 Xbox Live, Don't be a Jimmy!

Again and again I continue to express my hype for this game. Splash Damage has been releasing these slick How To Play this game videos for the last couple of weeks. Each one is an in depth look at the many different things brink as to offer. Going back to my lastest Rage story, compared to a video like this Brink video below, WTF does Rage have to offer? Pretty water dripping effects? (Arms spread out like WTF)

Brink lets you switch classes at any time AND when you're switching classes Brink tells you how many of each class is on your team. Brilliant, that's just one of the many things that stood out to me while watching this video. I really can not wait to get into this game and test out all of this stuff and of course see if it's fun. That's the important part right?

Brink Get SMART Series: The Battlefield

Now with all that stuff out the way, lets talk about partying up. I don't play with Jimmys, I play to win, I don't have my notifications on so don't expect quick responses from me. When I'm PWNn I'm PWNn. Been PWNn, since before PWNn was PWNn. Ok, that's enough. If you wanna play, send me a message on Xbox Live. You can find my gamertag in my profile on Nnnnnnnnnnnnnuab!


We need a 4th person to play the Mad Moxxi's highest level to the get the achievements for beating all 3 .. or something ... contact ..... Jimmy?

Contact BatRastered!! via Xbox Live through his profile. You must pass a very serious line of questioning and performance tests. He can tell you more of what we need for the team, to raip. We have a Siren, Solider, and a Sniper/Tank. A few different combinations will work, but talk to Batty about that.

Oh yeah, you gotta sign up for and leave a comment on this story or Batty will just laugh at your message and then delete. Don't be a Jimmy. Join the fun.

Mad Moxxi Borderlands dlc

This bitch is gonna get railed! Monday August 30th 2010 @ 10:00AM Pacific. Be online, be approved by BatRastered and lets PWN!

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Maybe I'll force myself to play games I don't really want to play. sad face.

Short and sweet. I need an adventure baaaaaad. I will not go back to Final Fantasy XI. I've been thinking about playing Dragon Age Origins again, it might get a boot up tomorrow.

BatRastered got Heavy Rain in the mail from Gamefly yesterday. I think I might open his mail. FEDERAL! What about God of War III, I've had that sitting there for 3 weeks. Oh yeah, I can't find my vibrating PS3 controller. I need the rumble in my stick yo. Sixaxis is for whack asses.  

Super Street Fighter IV tournament mode. 8 and 4 man tournaments. You can also have a 9th or 5th man who hosts the tournament. I might be a little behind here, but I just unpacked my FightStick from the move. Wanna get a tournament going tomorrow, leave a comment and get Cannon Spiked Jimah!!  

*PWNfest line-up subject to change depending on how much I have to drink.

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