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Tecmo has released some new shots of Gen Fu and Virtua Fighter Pai. Check them out.

Check out some of the latest screenshots of the highly anticipated Dead or Alive 5.


Here is an action shot

This game is looking better than ever and I can't wait to kick some butt. Are you excited for the next level of Dead or Alive?

Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!

Here are some new screens of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Jimmy! Is that Anna dressed like a squid? Some Crazy Stuff going on Jimmy!

Tekken Tag 2 is right around the corner and we have been “blessed?” with new screens of the game. Some of these new costumes are well..... ridiculous! Check them out below!

Anime Pornzzzz?

Say What Jimmy?

Not sure what to think here.

Is that ZUBAZ Jimmy?

Zone of Enders or Tekken?

No Comment

Don't mess with Spider-Man's ex girlfriend


I'm looking forward to the next Tekken game. What about you? Any favorite costumes here Jimmy? Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!



Released today, this new "Teaser Trailer" just talks shit. There's also some new screenshots. This game is dope looking. The original was the shit, if you missed out go and find it. Don't be a Jimmy!

What's up with that trailer? Doesn't matter. I am still on the Hype ladder trying to reach out to this bad boy. Oh what am I talking about. I'm so excited can't even control myself.

Sweet character design. The levels are huge and fun to explore. Very old school Zelda style. Got wood?

Look at that bad ass character design.

You can see all 9 screenshots on the Darksiders II Facebook page

You know I'm hype. Duh. Hype up Darksiders II in the catalog. Still no release date, Summer allegedly. Try to avoid the E3 death zone THQ. I want this game to get over with the masses for reals this time. So many people I ask "Did you play Darksiders?" and they have no clue. 

Don't be a Jimmy! Leave some comments below. Vote and share. Thanks.

Capcom has informed me that there is a ton of new info on Street Fighter X Tekken today. 34 NEW Screenshots. Street Fighter X Tekken looking like a full on anime right now. Also check out this 20 min video about the gems and how they work.

Personally, I don't know what to think about this game. The Tekken Jimmys really don't do anything for me. I read that the Tekken characters don't feel like Tekken characters, but they don't feel like the Street Fighters in the game either. They are something else. So no 10 hit combos? Not hype.

Then you got these new screenshots. Pretty cool looking. I don't know anything about these gems except that some people think they should be banned already. I like the aspect of the gems being strategic. Jimmys just afraid they gonna be out smarted. And they probably will. 

34 New screenshot of Street Fighter X Tekken

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