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Street Fighter 6

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Release Date: 2023

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Announced at the Capcom Cup 2021 finals. February 20, 2022.


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Graphics are just Street Fighter 4.5.5?

Have you ever dreamed of running around Shoryukening some cardboard boxes? Well now you can. Fight randoms on the street as they travel to work or with gangs of box headed bad guys? Street Fighter 6 has it all. Parries appear to back, for the Street Fighter 3 fans. Jaime a new fighter. Maybe there are even some hints at tag team fighting. Check out the latest trailer for Street Fighter 6 coming in 2023!

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No Hakan, no deal for me!

Starting a pool now to guess the timeline in which Street Fighter 6 takes place. Before or after which other versions of Street Fighter? Who’s the boss? M. Bison? Gill? Seth? Or perhaps somebody new like Todd? Or maybe even Erik?! That’d be cool. Personally I’m most interested in seeing what art style they go with. From the looks of this trailer, it appears to be some heavy realistic CG. I always loved the hand-drawn animation cartoon look. Good luck to Capcom and the Street Fighter team. We can't wait to see more!

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