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This is my first look of what Remember Me will actually play like. The video is time stamped with my takes for your viewing pleasure. I'd love to hear what you thought in the comments.

0:34 Video actually starts.

1:20 Quality voice acting.

1:45 Classic video game cliche, front door is locked so guy on the computer has to find another way in.

2:40 The graphics are stunning. The running and jumping doesn't look smooth at all. A poor man's Mirror's Edge/Uncharted.

3:50 This Jimmy in the helicopter is a good shot.

4:17 Open doors with a power glove, heard. Kinect mechanic?

5:00 The combat looks okay. Batman ricochet fighting style. Bouncing from 1 enemy to another.

5:05 Holy shit over the top violence!

5:20 Maybe that isn't blood.

6:20 Oh shit! It just turned into Deus Ex.

6:27 Planting the bomb on the guy is the coolest thing I've seen so far.

6:34 Why isn't he shooting into the window now? As good as a shot he was early, he wouldn't miss in this room.

6:35 Oh there he goes! Terrible.

7:05 Is that shit killing the security guards or what?

8:43 I thought it said steal money at first. lol. This game is being played on he PS3.

9:12 All of the sudden, can't hit shit.

9:21 Video actually ends.

9:35 A Facebook website. Sad face. This game is so cheap it doesn't even have it's own website.

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As I watched this video for the first time, I took some notes. I time stamped them. It's Sleeping Dogs, it's Square Enix. It's the end. :(

0:42 You might need to read to play this game. Unless you speak Chinese.

0:52 Cellphone time! The most annoying part of GTA IV.

1:03 Send Johnny Rat Face thru.

1:18 Way to show off your new game by getting into the car on the passenger's side. :| So far this looks exactly like GTA IV, but worse.

2:23 WTF, cellphone minigames? I hate cellphones. I don't want to play a game, playing a game on a hand held. Fuck!

2:40 Everybody is driving on the wrong side of the street.

2:58 Cut scene

3:10 Jumps you into a combat scene.

3:35 The studio worked with some MMA Jimmy you've never heard of to make the combat as authentic as possible. Using the environment around you looks really, but overall the combat is a Batman (Arkham series) clone.

4:15 So the knife just breaks?

4:27 The shooting looks cool.

4:56 Jimmys is getting blasted!

5:35 The shooting looks like the best part so far. Now getting on a motorcycle. :(

5:38 He puts on a helmet. lol.

5:54 This is what we saw at E3. Shooting out the tire causes the car to flip into the air. Perfectly normal right?

6:04 Another car goes flying!

6:13 Now for a motorcycle. lol.

6:20 Double!

6:57 Car swapping in real time is pretty sweet.

Not that excited for this one? Has Square Enix taken on more games than they can handle? I don't know anymore. So many of my favorite video game companies have been struglling with making new games.

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Bethesda Released 2 new gameplay videos for Dishonored today. I break them down with time stamps about what you need to know to be excited about. This is the same demo from E3.

1:01 Playing the game on normal heard. Jimmy style!

This is the same exact demo we were shown at E3.

2:50 The teleporting, climbing and sneaking look like a lot of fun in this game.

3:24 Possessing a fish. I still don't understand how the body goes in and out of the fish. So the man characters is a spirit?

4:40 Even the doors glow gold like in Bioshock. Remember Dishonored won multiple awards at E3 for being original.

5:23 Blowing out the candles, nice touch.

5:47 Choke that chick. Now what I want to to know is can I wake her up and then choke her out again? :)

7:05 The teleporting during my demo playthrough at E3 was my favorite part.

At least these 2 Jimmys giving the demo don't sound as scripted as the 2 at E3. This IS still scripted though.

8:30 I like the gun glowing. Jimmys's guns is gonna be getting snatched up and put into their face! Yea boi!

9:15 Why do I have to put the crank wheel on the crank? C'mon. Bonus gameplay?

10:20 Stealth mode. Detective vision.

11:40 Guy playing the game falls asleep for a second.

12:27 GTS

12:45 Posses a chick to break his fall. Sweet.

:40 Get sliced up!

1:17 More climbing.

1:30 Jimmys getting jacked up left and right.

1:53 Boom!

2:10 Rats. Not bees.

3:00 Spring razor. Most original thing so far.

3:30 lol! I want this game so bad right now.

4:00 In and out of the Golden Cat in less than half the time of the stealth play through.

4:30 More rats!

4:40 Then possess a rat and escape.

5:07 New area being shown. Still same scripted walk through from E3.

5:40 Tall walking Jimmys with bow and arrows. Every game has bow and arrows now. Thanks Hunger 


I think he died at the end of the E3 demo though. Can't remember. Watching all this again and I really hope I'm not being a Jimmy here, but I am hype to play this. The climbing and serious combat looks dope. Can't wait to see some more of this, different levels and how open the world is going to be. If that is just one area and I can comb that room, then I won't be too excited about that. Now if it's totally open world traveling around that giant city. Look out!

What's your take? Another Bioshock clone that will fail or a hot new game that might be a huge dark horse this year. Vote, Comment, and Share. Don't be a Jimmy!

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