Final Fantasy XVI

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Final Fantasy XVI

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Release Date: Jul 31, 2023

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Somewhat Combat Video "Final Fantasy XVI"

By: goukijones Dec 13, 2022 | 1 Comments

Looks an awful like Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XVI is coming from the same director of Final Fantasy XIV. Are you surprised that the games look similar? I am and I am not. I’m not surprised that Square Enix thinks it can push out a quick Final Fantasy game using the same assets from another Final Fantasy game. Look at Final Fantasy Crisis Core, I still don’t get what that game is. I watched a stream the other night and there was a lot of talking. A lot. Forget all that, how’s the combat? The combat looks very active, but we don’t get to see too much of it during this trailer. We still don’t get to the HUD and how the combat actually works. What is this, I can turn into a summons and fight other summons? For the record I’m all over this game when it does come out. I love the Final Fantasy.

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FFXIV creators present...

Can you imagine visiting these cities in the game? Walking in and out buildings and shops, upgrading and buying new gear. Man the graphics and cinematics are some of Square Enix’s best work ever. The combat looks as if it will play off the FF7R engine and be very aggressive. You can see you carry nothing but the juice when you are fighting. Like potions and strength buffs for on the fly PWNn! It’s very interesting to see which one of these combat systems really shines. The story is about the element gods in Final Fantasy. Earth, wind, fire, etc. Huge massive battles on the side of a cliff, giant monster battles. There is hype for this one.

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I'm not sure anyone was expecting this so soon. But here it is... Final Fantasy XVI

Gotta admit, this preview caught me a little off guard. I had no idea Square was working on another FF right now,but when I found out it was the FFXIV guys working on it, that made sense. They have been real slow with new FFXIV content this year and now we know why.

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