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  • I will write a review about it later on as soon as I am done with RE ORC. Anyone... Mar 21, 2012
  • I will as soon as I finish the game. At the moment I just got the flu and I am h... Mar 20, 2012
  • You're welcome* omg. lol Sorry! I just woke up with the flu :( Mar 20, 2012
  • Welcome back blaze-kun. :) You're Gouki-sama. And yeah I am looking forward to t... Mar 20, 2012
  • Thank you everyone! And I am not counting the hours until I head to Gamestop ton... Mar 19, 2012
  • But unfortunately, I am off to work. ;w;! *disappears* Mar 19, 2012
  • Yes I am a hardcore Tecmo Team NINJA fan. I love it. @genxsis83 And what's cool ... Mar 19, 2012
  • Ninja Gaiden 3! Ninja Gaiden 3! Ninja Gaiden 3! Ninja Gaiden 3! LMAO Mar 19, 2012
  • Oh wow! You do? That's really awesome to know. I feel honored. Mar 18, 2012
  • I shall let you all know as soon as I am done with Ninja Gaiden 3. I will make o... Mar 18, 2012
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Ninja Gaiden 3 Collector's Edition photograph taken.

By: MilkyPink Mar 20, 2012 | 11 Comments

Picture taken with my Nintendo 3DS.


As you can see. I was just at GameStop a while ago. And this is what I bought. I do also have Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, but that is in my sister's hands at the moment. She's playing it right now. I will be busy with this. <3 See you all in a month maybe? Haha! Lmao! xD

DOA5 Premium demo preview. (kinda stinks when you have a webcam...

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My sudden disappearance. I've finally returned.

By: MilkyPink Mar 18, 2012 | 14 Comments

Just a basic summary of what happened.

Hello everyone. I am not sure if anyone here remembers me, but my name is Jazmin, but on this website and all social networking websites, games, roleplayers, gamers and entertainers... I am known as "Milky Pink" or just "milky" for short. I am a member of this site (unless I've been forgotten and perhaps I should not be considered a member? lol). As you all know, I haven't been here for an ENTIRE year. The last time I was here was back in March of 2011. The reason behind my disappearance may have left you all wondering. "Where did Milky go?" If you must know, I am happy to explain. But before I do, I am quite aware I am supposed to be talking about video games & entertainment, nothing that pertains to real life. I understand this and I am apologizing now for my tale telling here on this wonderful forum. Here's my story:

The last day I logged onto, I had ran into 2 issues that left me in...a heck hole. I had problems with an ex-boyfriend and some minor net issues on my PC, strangely it was just my PC and no one else's in the house. Took me a while to reconfigure the issue. My Xbox 360 and PS3's internet was working just fine, so if anyone that has me in any, you should be able to have seen me on, just not at my computer... *slight rage.* But that issue was done. The first issue with the ex-boyfriend lasted 3 months, that was really tough for me to get over this guy, considering I dated him for over a year and a half. Made me realize he was not worth it. Got stupid, so I let him go. So I was missing during that time frame because of those two issues.

Now I tried to come back onto this site, only to realize my login and password had been messing up. Why? I have no idea. I tried logging in numerous times. It was quite a failure on my end and I was not bent on making a new user name since "MilkyPink" has always been my user name for a LONG TIME. So that went out. But then I tried contact Cinderkin. I asked him if there was some way to fix the issue, he said he fixed it, and still it didn't work. holy jimmy, I was so MAD. I gave up after that. -.-; I couldn't get back into the website. So I waited a month, why? I didn't want to stress out and I wanted to relax, got a new boyfriend, worked a few jobs and had some terrible luck in them because they were all temporary (geez the economy hates us out here...) *kunai'd* Dx ouch!~

Money was tight and I needed more hours and more money to pay bills right? That's what I did. And while I was at it... OH FOR JIMMY'S SAKE... you know what happened after? My lovely computer contracts a hideous virus. Perfect... And what did it lead to? All my programs, especially Adobe Photoshop CS5, Stepmania, Adobe Image Ready & some of my rarest pictures of my favorite fighting characters all gone. So I had quite a rough time trying to get it fixed. I was told to get a NEW computer, but I refused to. Didn't want to. I liked the computer I had. Took me a while to restore the entire thing along with my programs.  Took me a long time to get everything back, but it's all worth it now. But here I am now. :)

And as for gaming wise... the entire time I was going through some computer trouble, I managed to continue playing on XBL as usual with the boyfriend. Got my hands on 3rd Strike, Ultimate MVC3, SSFAE, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Revelations, Gears Of War 3, BioShock series, Batman Arkham Asylum and City (OmaiJIMMY... I LOVE!). No I have not yet get SFxTekken yet ( I won't get it until next month maybe since I blew my money off on Ninja Gaiden 3 Collector's Edition & RE Operation Raccoon City lol). Sooner or later, I shall have it in my hands... or.. what's this I've been hearing now? In the next six months they are re-releasing SFxTekken eh? Should I get the early version or the newly updated one? YEAH I SHOULD WAIT. It'd be worth it now. LMAO As for more upcoming games? I am dead over crazed about Resident Evil 6 and Dead Or Alive 5 coming out this year, so I am definitely making reserves on those!

Overall, forgive me for the sudden unannounced hiatus. I am here now, but I won't be going 24/hr posting mode since I am also on social networking websites like Twitter, Tumblr, Formspring, and I'm everywhere now you guys! Thanks for reading.

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Official Member Wallpapers by MilkyPink

By: MilkyPink Mar 9, 2011 | 26 Comments

I know I was 2 weeks off since my last blog post...

But I've been awfully busy with my life outside the internet with this job I have, they are purposely not letting me HAVE A LIFE anymore. &&  I am awfully sad about it. Kinda miss the almost free life I once had. lol. I am actually in the process of looking for a better job with better hours. Trying to find a job out there is not easy, especially when those that know you already have a job are not accepting you. -______-


But either way, as soon as I get my life back in place (especially with that job.. and find a better one -_-), I should be back on here a bit more often. But for now, those that requested those wallpapers. Here they are and I am terribly sorry for making you wait...
Click here:





P.S: GOUKIJONES. Thank yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou! For the package! I got the game and it's great. :)! I love the stickers too! I am trying to find a place to put them. lol

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Video Game Wallpapers, now accepting requests.

By: MilkyPink Feb 22, 2011 | 13 Comments

Hey guys. I know I've been quiet again! I've been doing other stuff but...

I'm in so much of a photoshop editing mood. I'll be taking requests to design a wallpaper for you just as I did for Gouki a few weeks back. It has to be only video games since we are on a video game site. Wallpapers specifically designed to be for your PC monitor. Just make sure that when you request one, type in the following:

  • Video game character's name.
  • Series he/she is from.
  • Size of how you want the wallpaper. (check your monitor's size and estimate please.)

I will give them out with your ID names on it so no one steals them from you. :)

That will be all.

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MilkyPink gif signature

By: MilkyPink Feb 17, 2011 | 9 Comments

Finally made one for myself. Kinda bit late, but made it!

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