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Halo and Me!

By: thewolf14 Aug 21, 2010 | 10 Comments

My OTHER contest Entry! I want to win... xD

I remember it clearly now.. The day was a cold day brisk sunday morning, in the middle of winter, My friend was staying at my house while his parents were on a business trip. He brought his Xbox Original over, He had 2 games, Halo and Halo 2.

I'd heard of these games as he had talked and rambled on the story and game play. He was a smart fellow, Carter was, Straight A's, Big house, Had lots of money, But me and him had been friends at pre-school when I had no idea of his wealth. But the day he brought over that Box of his, My life changed. The first game we played was Halo: Combat Evolved. I feel in love with it, The graphics were amazing at that time, I still remember his laughter at me as I opened my eyes widely as I played it, We weren't the richest family, so I never thought of buying a Xbox, I played my dads old Sega system and played Sonic the Hedgehog, Which was better then todays Sonic Games. As I played it, I felt the urge to have one, We played threw the campaign that night and moved onto local battles with each other on Blood Gulch, which quickly became my favorite map right away, He slid in Halo 2 after he slaughtered me in the Scorpion tank. So, that was when I was shocked.


The game play had become so much more diverse! Where these strange creatures carrying who we know as the Arbiter!? I soon fount out they were brutes, A new enemy along with Drones! As we played threw the first mission, I watched him pick up 2 SMGs up at once! It destroyed the Elite's and grunts it touched. I watched in awe all day as we beat the campaign. The next day he left for his house with his now returned parents. I waved goodbye from my house on the hill as he left. That day, I knew that I was now hooked, 2 or 3 Years went bye and it was now around September 15, 2007. I had been saving money for a Xbox threw that time, I had saved around 400-500 Dollars from 3 Years of work around the house. Then I heard of a new Console,(News doesn't travel far with me, I missed its release by 2 years, lol..) The Xbox 360, I jumped for joy when I also saw Halo 3's Release date.

"September 25!?"

I smiled threw the days that felt like years, I was going to get a 360 And Halo 3! I had pre-ordered the special Xbox 360 by then, I finally got it and I was speechless as I retured back into the world that Bungie had made, Master Chief was going to Finish the Fight this time, I just knew it! I had beaten the campaign on Heroic in 2 days. In the last 3 years or so, My family had bought a New computer and Wireless router, I went to the Gamestop and bought a 360 Wireless adapter, I was then open to the world of Halo 3's Multiplayer, The game just got 10x Better, It became my place to play in when I was bored.

Then, In 2009, ODST came out, On September 22nd I belive, I had bought and played it, Its Gameplay and firefight lasted me for 2 months, as I franticly crawled around New Mombasa in search for my squad. The new Halo 3 maps were awesome I might add, I still have it and play it regularly. 

I am not going to even talk about how much hours I spent beating and played Halo Wars, My addiction to Halo Wars was unhealthy...

Halo has affected my life in many ways, It has been a good friend to me threw my life, I've seen lots of good friends on Halo 3 and I'm happy to say it will be one of my favorite game and experiences in my life! I'm hoping Reach will be just as good and better then Halo 3..


There it is folks, How Halo has affected my life...

Just for good measures, Heres me in Halo 3!


Thanks for reading! Thumbs up :D!

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Halo Reach Giveaway

By: thewolf14 Aug 18, 2010 | 14 Comments

My Halo Entry: Updated!

 The sound of a waterfall peeked my ears as I stepped out onto this new world. What was this place? This strange, Great world, Filled with life, But a voice toke me out of my daze as I looked around

'Chief! Covenant!' I frowned, Covenant? Here? I followed her instructions as she told me to cross the bridge, the sound of a Phantom roared by me, Elites And Grunts.. Strange, A Small party, I quickly pulled my Assault Rifle up and unloaded the 60 Shot Mag, CLICK! The rifles mag slides out as I released it from its refuge in the stock of the rifle. I inserted another and finished off the last grunt, then moved forward towards the sounds of gunshots. Marines? ODST's? Survivors were my top priority.

As I ran around the cliff side turn, I saw a Phantom landing! "Covering Fire!!" One Yelled before firing the Assault Rifle.

I tossed a well aimed frag and it hit were the Grunts and Elites jumped from there sides of the floating ride. The sound of the Aliens scream as they were killed signaled the marines to move onto the fortress like structure as they were before. Marines Scattered and reloaded. We fought 3-4 Phantoms off that moment, after that Cortana signaled a pelican, Echo 419.. We also saw many life boats flying by from the sky. But asides from that, Echo 419 dropped a hog off, I got in the drivers seat and 2 Marines jumped on the side seat and Turret, I heard a Proud and tall Man Yell "Look Proud Marines!" Sergeant Johnson! A Spartan 1, Very interesting, He will come in handy..

We drove threw caves and valleys for what seemed like forever. We fount the first 2 Teams of survivors and were now helping the 3rd. They were elevated at the top of the hill. We had 2 Snipers, And a couple of Assault Marines and Sergeant Johnson Versus the 6 Phantoms heading toward us... Lovely, Just then, A Giant brute like creature ran up the hill followed by many smaller creatures holding shields. The giant one had a huge shield on it, It charged at us, As it happened, one marine was killed, Me and Johnson toke it out quickly. The rest were gone by then, all dead as the pelican landed near us, We had saved all we could. But I toke it as a win for now. My AI, Cortana told me something As I looked at the canyon and valleys as we flew.

"John, Chatter says, This ring world is known as...Halo."  Cortana Said Slowly

Halo.. I nodded slowly and looked back at the Canyon we had left.

'Halo... I have a bad feeling about this...'  I thought to my self as we headed off towards a darker part of the ring...

And that was my first Experience, On Halo..



A few hours...

I watched as Echo 419 lifted the pelican upward in the narrow hole.

"This is as Far as I can go! Heres your stop!" She yelled over my radio channel, I nodded and jumped off. I landed where grunts had been sleeping but were now running and screaming things I didn't understand, One ran into the opening door. 'Darn..' I grumbled. 2 Elites ran out using the sound they always made when angry "WORT WORT WORT!" One yelled as It fired at me! 3-4 of the shots hit me as I began killing the grunts first, I then moved onto the elites, 1 Gold One...1 Blue One.... 

I began firing at the gold ones first, Its sword was trying to make contact with me, SLASH! I barely dodged that strike! I Kicked it with my boot and armed a plasma grenade and Smashed it his face as I rolled away. BOOM! I rolled into the blue elite who fell over and tried to get up, But I kicked it in the face, The AR to its face and Fired furiously! CLICK! It had died when the 14th shot was made. I unloaded the clip from the stock and Inserted a new one in.

"Done yet Chief?" Cortana laughed at my display, Blue blood on my chest plate. I wiped it off, and replied with a groan.

"Schematics show that the Place we need to be is deeper into the facility... So lets go.." She examined the info from the Map Room we had fought to get to.

I simply nodded. It felt like hours until we reached the top of the Control Room peek, Cortana opened the doors and dispatched the remaining grunts left. I walked threw the wide, long hallways. The huge door at the end was colored a grey color and It toke the most time to open. But when we made it. I saw this HUGE Hologram of the Halo Ring.. Then a little floating ball with a blue light in its center, came up to my helmets face and spoke clearly and precisely.

"Hello Reclaimer!" It said loudly

This was BOUND to be trouble...


And there it is, This is my attempt at A Halo Story, Its the SECOND Level on Halo CE. I hope you like it, and please Thumbs up!

Edit: Currently, My reach copy has been demoted from Limited to standard :/, So I would LOVE to win this!

 Edit 2: I added a new scene in because I want to win extra much :D

Thanks! for reading!


-------------Below is some Images I made :o!--------


My Second Entry! You should like it too!

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